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Tiago Forte is the Productivity Expert behind Forte Labs and their signature program, Building a Second Brain. Although Tiago recently welcomed his 10th cohort of students, he’s doing a lot of things that may surprise you.

For one thing, nothing is self paced. The cohort goes through the material at the same time, all together. They also use live Zoom calls instead of creating perfectly pre-produced content, which is what most new creators assume must be done.

In this episode, Tiago shares why he believes pre-produced content isn’t necessarily the best approach for courses of any size. He’ll share the story of how his initial product - a book club - eventually turned into a workshop and then an online course, and how he looks at creativity practically instead of mythically.

And true to his expertise, he also offers a ton of great tips to improve your own workflow and productivity as a course creator. So grab a pen - better yet, a virtual notepad - and get ready to take notes.

"No matter what industry you're talking about, there's always a slightly new and different perspective that only you can bring."

Today’s Guest: Tiago Forte

Tiago Forte is the founder of Forte Labs and has taught more than 20,000 people worldwide how to radically improve their productivity and personal effectiveness using technology. In his Building a Second Brain course he trains students in how to build a reliable system for knowledge management, known as a "Second Brain," so they can leverage the power of their ideas and unlock their creative potential.

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