The Future of Online Business (Ankur Nagpal, Teachable founder & CEO)

Our founder Ankur Nagpal shares how the events of 2020 have had an impact on course creators worldwide, and what Teachable is doing next for online business owners.

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Today in 2020, more than 100,000 instructors have joined Teachable and transformed their knowledge into world-class courses that have earned more than $500 million to date. But with the launch of our new brand, Teachable’s next chapter is about much more than a fresh coat of paint.

We’re expanding our tools to help creators sell more than just courses, like their time as coaches, and our founder and CEO Ankur Nagpal is here to share more about what makes creators successful and his big-picture vision for the future of the knowledge economy.

“When we think about our broader mission, we want to help people make money from their knowledge and experience in lots of different ways, and coaching is one very, very significant step. But there's many more to come.”

Today’s Guest: Ankur Nagpal

Late one night in 2013, our founder and CEO Ankur Nagpal, put the finishing touches to what would become the predecessor of Teachable. A recent graduate of UC Berkeley and the newest resident of New York, Ankur had been instructing a course in marketing created through another course platform, when he decided that he could build something better. Something with more customization tools and a more profitable payment system.

It was called Fedora. And as soon as its homepage was open for business, we started to welcome scores of experts in feng shui, handpanning, email marketing, coding, and sourdough baking, ready to craft their knowledge into beautiful courses.

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Ankur graduated from the University of California, Berkeley and in 2019, he was named as a Forbes 30 Under 30 Education honoree.

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