Video Storytelling (Dallin Nead, Content Supply)

Learn how Dallin Nead helps creators translate their brand stories through engaging video content.

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Meet Dallin Nead, the CEO of Content Supply. Dallin has built his career through storytelling and video marketing, and today he’ll share how he went from working for Princess Cruises to freelancing to starting his own business, where he helps creators grow their visionary businesses by becoming their customers’ favorite brand.

In this episode, Dallin shares some of the top struggles that creators face when it comes to video. And yes, we’ll answer your questions about the best cameras and gear for creators. But we’ll also look deeper as Dallin walks us through his “Know, Love, Trust” framework to understand how relationships are formed with your ideal customers through video engagement over time.

Dallin also explains the difference between course videos and marketing videos, and how your approach should vary between the two. Lastly, Dallin shares how understanding your brand story is the foundation that guides all video production and storytelling for your business.

“The one thing that is timeless is messaging, your ability to tell a good story, but also tell a clear message so that your customers will listen.”

Today’s Guest: Dallin Nead

One of the world’s top branding and messaging experts, Dallin Nead is built his career by storytelling and video marketing. Dallin is the CEO and creator of Content Supply, a modern video marketing company that believes your story is the most influential way to scale your mission, movement and message to create a world-class brand.

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