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Kick off your course creation journey (and save big) with this limited-time offer for new customers.

Save $20/mo on Pro

<p><span>Looking </span><span>for a sign </span><span>to start? </span><strong>This is it.</strong><strong></strong></p>
<p><span>Join a Pro monthly plan through this offer and get:</span></p>
  • $20/month off our Pro plan ($139/month, originally $159/month) for as long as you stay on the plan

  • Access to live coaching, three times a week (value of $3,400 a year)

  • How to Get Your First 3 Clients Masterclass, with Luisa Zhou ($149 value)

  • 5 Powerful Email Strategies to Level up Your Business Masterclass, with Pat Flynn ($149 value)

  • Limitless: Supercharge Your Brain to Learn and Achieve Anything Faster Masterclass, with Jim Kwik ($149 value)


  • Instant access to training and templates inside teachable:u, our course for creators ($888 value)

  • An invite to our private community of fellow creators, teachable:hq

Level up with bonus masterclasses

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How to Get Your First 3 Clients, with Luisa Zhou

Business mentor Luisa Zhou demonstrates how to get your business started by landing your first three clients.

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5 Powerful Email Strategies to Level up Your Business, with Pat Flynn

In this masterclass, Pat Flynn gives high impact, actionable advice (and word-for-word scripts) that you can use to grow your business through email.

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Limitless: Supercharge Your Brain to Learn and Achieve Anything Faster, with Jim Kwik

The world’s #1 brain coach Jim Kwik gives concrete techniques to boost your focus and productivity while working smarter, not harder.

When you join our Pro plan, you'll get access to exclusive group coaching calls held three times a week. In-house experts like Soph Avalos will answer all your questions about developing effective courses, marketing your school, and growing your Teachable income. Soph is a Customer Success Manager who uses their deep knowledge of the platform to provide creators with tons of tips and tricks, helping them achieve their dreams on Teachable.

<p>Live coaching with Teachable experts like Soph Avalos</p>

Save $20/month, plus get $4,000+ in bonus resources to help you kick-start your business.

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  • Start building your online course or coaching product

  • Earn money online from the knowledge you already have

  • Grow your existing business

  • Make money online and scale your business

  • Earn money on one project while working on others

  • Make money from your existing audience or network

<p>This offer is for you if you're ready to:</p>

As soon as you join, you’ll get access to our creator training program that helps you create engaging courses and coaching products that sell.

We help you determine your customer-tested course topic, course name, and course outline–the main building blocks of your online course

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  <p>Course 1: Choose Your Course Topic</p>

You don’t need a huge audience to start making money. We’ll show you how to find and attract your next students and keep them engaged.

<p><span>Course 2: Find Your Audience</span></p>

Here’s where we’ll walk you through the details of building your course content. We’ll show you how to create effective videos, checklists, and templates in less time.

<p><span><br />Course 3: Build Your Course on Teachable</span></p>

So you have an online course—what’s next? This training will cover everything you need to start making money from your course, from sales page copy to checkout flow.

<p><span>Course 4: Launch Your Course</span></p>

An easy-to-use, customizable platform

Stay protected

Count on seamless hosting and 24/7 monitoring so outages don’t knock you out. Plus, our fraud team is on standby to fight bad actors on your behalf.

Save $20/month, plus get $4,000+ in bonus resources to help you kick-start your business.

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  • 50 published product of each type (course, coaching, downloads)

  • 5 admin-level users—primary owner, owners, and authors

  • 0% transaction fees on Teachable payment gateways

  • Unlimited courses

  • Priority product support and live chat from our award-winning customer care team

  • Unbranded website—use your URLs on your school’s most prominent pages

  • Advanced reporting to see students’ progress

  • Integrated affiliate marketing program

  • Graded quizzes that help your students learn and retain information

  • Compliance settings and course completion certification for higher student engagement

Included in all plans:

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Instant payouts

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Student referral program

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Third-party integrations

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Unlimited hosting

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Drip course content

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Basic quizzes

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Order bumps

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Unlimited students

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Coupon codes

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Integrated payment processing

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Custom domain

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Bundled products

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Lecture comments

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Community integrations

Get exclusive access to a private space filled with other creators and business owners at your level.

Learn from peers in a similar business phase

We’ve designed :hq so that you’re grouped with creators in a similar business phase as you. Join conversations that are relevant to where you are right now in your journey.

Advance to higher tiers as you grow

As you progress from “how do I build a sales page?” to “first launch” to “scaling my business,” you’ll move on to new tiers inside the community.

Participate in challenges

From accountability partners to structured challenges, being inside the community means lots of opportunity (and motivation) to keep moving forward.

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We’re confident you’ll have a great experience with Teachable. In fact, if you decide that Teachable isn’t for you at any point within the first 30 days on your plan, we’ll refund 100% of your purchase—no questions asked.

<p class="p1">We have your back, guaranteed.</p>


Who is eligible for this offer?

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This offer is for new customers, free plan members, and Basic plan members.

How long will I get this special pricing?

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For as long as you remain a customer on the Pro monthly plan, you’ll pay the discounted price of $99 per month ($20 off).

What is the refund policy?

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New customers and creators who sign up for a Teachable plan are entitled to a full no-questions-asked refund within 30 days of offer redemption.

Does Teachable take a commission percentage of my sales?

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On the Pro plan there are 0% transaction fees on Teachable payment gateways and Teachable will not take a commission from the sales you make.

If I use Teachable, who will own my course content?

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You and only you. You retain all rights to your content and students—not Teachable.

Does Teachable support courses in other languages?

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Yes. You can select any language as the main language for your course, and you can build your course content in any language you want.

Can you show me examples of successful sales pages, worksheets, or downloadables?

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Of course. We have examples all over our blog, but if you’re looking for detailed templates you can follow, they’re waiting for you over at teachable:u.

What’s live group coaching?

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You'll get access to three live calls per week guided by our onboarding experts at Teachable, each tailored to different needs and business levels. Our group coaching calls usually last about one hour.

Will I be locked into the plan if I join today?

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No. This offer is on our monthly plan—meaning there’s no commitment. Cancel at any time.

How do I get in touch if I have questions?

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Email us anytime at [email protected]

Save $20/month, plus get $4,000+ in bonus resources to help you kick-start your business.

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