This is
your show.
Build a business you’re proud of. We’ll keep it growing.
Easy as it gets
Your online business should look like you so we make customization painless. Our focus is on easy-to-use features and fewer tech headaches.
Use our domain to connect to your own
Easily link your existing website to Teachable under a custom domain.
Customize your online school experience
Use our power editor to create engaging, multimedia lectures, videos, and coaching sessions.
Use tools you want to use
Think of an integration you want to use… we support it! Our list of partners is exhaustive.
Know your numbers
Track sales and student insights with our comprehensive dashboards.
Sell, sell, sell
Create gorgeous, money-making sales pages with our flexible page editor.
Make it a team effort
Bring on the authors, team members, and contributors and customize their permissions and roles; we can support them and pay them for you.
It was important to us that our courses would look beautiful and that the software would be easy to use by everyone.
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Learning Tools
Teach the way you
want to learn.
Bring your online courses and coaching services to life with student side features.
Unlimited everything
Anytime you hear unlimited in life, it’s pretty exciting. So let us just say, unlimited video bandwidth, unlimited courses and coaching services, and unlimited students on all paid plans.
Talk to your students live
Run one-on-one sessions with easy-to-build milestone, call hosting, and task features.
Schedule and host
Seamlessly take clients from booking to intake to scheduling and learning with our native integrations with Calendly.
Create success stories
Engage your students with quizzes and course completion certificates and ensure transformation with course compliance controls that require course completion to move on.
Feedback is fundamental
We play nicely with others; use third-party forms and surveys to easily gather student feedback.
Spin up support
Easily integrate with Zapier to take support to the next level with Zendesk, Olark, Intercom, and others.
The small matter
of getting paid.
This is where we really shine. We’ve put in more work than any other courses and coaching platform to bring you money solutions that make life easier.
Flex your pricing options
Offer coupons and advanced pricing options including subscriptions, memberships, one-time payments, bundles, and more.
Get the word out
Use our affiliate marketing tools to help others spread the word about your business (and pay them, too).
The power of a network
With student referrals, you can incentivize existing students to refer your course to friends. Both existing and new referred students earn discounts, and you make more sales. It’s a win-win-win.
Follow the money
Conversions pixel support, author and affiliate payouts, first and last touch attribution—we handle all that.
No tax troubles
When you sell through Teachable's gateways, we take care of EU VAT. Learn more about our Payments feature.
Go global and get paid
Accept international payment in 130+ currencies. Plus, we offer PayPal and mobile pay for your online school and coaching services.
Teachable incorporates sales pages, so if you’re not a designer or developer, you don’t have to worry about creating a killer sales page from scratch.
Melyssa Griffin :
Hosting & Security
Let’s talk security.
We take your business seriously. We know it’s a big step to put your passion in our hands. That’s why we keep a killer fraud team on staff to fight bad guys on your behalf. Dark glasses and scowl not included.
  • Seamless hosting to protect your data.
  • Speaking of data, you own yours—we don’t. That’s how it should be.
  • 24/7 monitoring so outages don’t knock you out.
  • Instant upgrades—no waiting around for the latest features.
  • A 2048-bit SSL certificate keeps your students' information secure during login and checkout.
  • We only work with payment providers that are PCI level-1 compliant, so you and your students’ data is safe and secure.
Still need help? Reach out to our award-winning customer care team and we’ll find a solution.
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