A faster, smarter way to create: The Teachable AI Hub

A faster, smarter way to create: The Teachable AI Hub
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Being a business owner means juggling a lot of responsibilities at once. At Teachable, we enable and empower you with the best tools and features at your fingertips to run the business you love. And while creating is at the core of what you do, we understand that’s only a fraction of what it takes to run a business. Now, you can manage all those other business-building responsibilities more easily than ever before with the AI Hub from Teachable.

The AI Hub is a host of AI-powered tools designed to drive efficiency while you stay in control of your brand and your business. These tools are integrated directly into your Teachable school for a seamless experience.

“At Teachable, we view AI as a complement to creators’ lives and workflows, not a replacement,” says Shelby Quinn, Vice President of Product at Teachable. “Our tools are designed to help creators tackle the sometimes tedious tasks that, while vital, don’t stoke their creative fire.”


More time for what you love

Break through creative blocks and knock out tedious tasks quickly. Our suite of AI-powered tools helps you tackle it all so you can focus on the things you value most about running your business.

“We are excited to be developing features that give time back to creators, so they can do more of what they love—from honing their skills and expertise further, collaborating with partners on new business ideas, better engaging with students, the list goes on,” Shelby adds.

Tools of efficiency

With you in the drivers’ seat, our AI Hub provides fast-track solutions to some of your biggest challenges as a creator. See how you can leverage our new (and upcoming) tools to accelerate your business.

AI Curriculum Generator

Sometimes getting started is the hardest part—until now. Not sure what to include in your course, or need help structuring it? Feeling blocked on a new launch? With our AI Curriculum Generator, you can create an outline in seconds by inputting a brief description into the curriculum generator. Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Name your course
When naming your new course, check “Help me generate a course outline.”

Step 2: Get your outline
Enter a brief description of your course. The generator will create an outline for you in just a few moments.

Step 3: Make it yours
Keep the momentum going. Use our flexible curriculum builder to rearrange, edit, and make it yours.

AI Quiz Generator

Quizzes are a proven way to boost student engagement—and now you can produce them faster than ever using our quiz generator. Not only do interactives like quizzes add value to your courses, but they boost student engagement. Leverage high-quality quizzes to do just that with our AI-generated quizzes that engage students while saving you time and effort. To get started:

Step 1: Select your course
From your Admin page, select your course, and open the curriculum you’d like to create a quiz from.

Step 2: Choose the section
Note that the section needs to contain at least one text-based lesson.

Step 3: Click “AI Quiz”
Press the Generate button. Then you can edit, add or remove questions, and save it to your course.

AI Summary Generator

Everyone learns differently, we get that. Make sure you’re arming your students with everything they need to absorb your content the best they can. Our AI Summary Generator helps you easily provide students with the abridged version of your course via automatically generated content summaries of lessons and sections.

AI Subtitles & Translations

Those on a Basic plan and above can say goodbye to costly third-party subtitle services. Now you can save time and money by creating subtitles automatically when you upload a video on Teachable. You can also translate those subtitles into 72 (that’s right, 72!) languages.

To start, click the gear icon next to any video you’ve uploaded into your course. In the “Add subtitles” section, select auto-generate then choose a language. Once the subtitles have been generated, translate them into one or more different languages by clicking on the translate icon next to the subtitles.

Pro-tip: You can edit the subtitles by downloading the file, making any changes, and then re-uploading them.

AI Lesson Writing Assistant

Kickoff your writing process with ease. Get help writing your lesson content with an AI assistant built into the text block.

Coming Soon: AI Course Starter

You just used our AI Curriculum Generator, which gave you section and lesson names, now take the next step with the AI Course Starter. The generator will kickstart your creative process with key concepts to illuminate and even give you some text to play with, dropped into each lesson in your new AI-generated course.

Coming Soon: AI Email Assistant

Never written a marketing email before? Feel like your email game could use some spice? Enter a prompt (like “welcome email for new students”) and get a sample email dropped right into Teachable’s email form.


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