Teachable Creator Month 2023: Creating connection and impact

Teachable Creator Month 2023: Creating connection and impact
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Since 2021, we’ve spent the month of October celebrating those who make Teachable what it is: our creators. With October’s Creator Month freshly upon us, we’re entering our third year of using this month to highlight the work and impact of creators.

Fostering connection

Being a Teachable creator means so much more than selling a course, making a digital download, or landing a coaching client. It’s really about fostering connection.

For many creators, it’s about impacting the lives of others and building that deeply personal connection that only knowledge sharing can bring. Connection is the driving force that oftentimes earns a creator a follow on social media, a new newsletter subscriber, or even a new customer. When a creator shows up fully as themself, that radiates to their audience. And the rest falls into place.

We get that at Teachable—we see you do it every day.


Schedule of events

Creator Month will be present throughout all of our content channels on Teachable, but primarily you can look to the blog (where you are now, howdy!) for posts from creators and about creators, our In the Know newsletter, Instagram, and our YouTube channel. Across these channels, you’ll find special creator highlights and features. This year, we have two very special changes we’re excited to share.

In conversation

First, we’ll be hosting a series of five live events on YouTube with real Teachable creators all month long. These fireside-chat-style events are totally free to attend and will be a great deep dive into what it means to create impact on your students and customers.

We’ve tapped creators of every size and industry to share their stories in our special event series, Creator Month 2023: Creating Impact. After each event, we’ll summarize their best takeaways and learnings on the blog so you can bookmark them and return to them time and again. See the schedule of events below and RSVP now:

Connecting the dots

Lastly, Creator Month will culminate with a very special report our team has been working on that dives deep into all things creators and customers: what it means to have a connection with your customers, what does it take to make a sale, what trends are emerging, and so much more.

Whether you’re already a creator or are looking for just the inspiration you need to take the plunge, we’re here to celebrate all things creators this month (and while we’re at it, every month)!

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