Introducing the new teachable:u

Introducing the new teachable:u

At Teachable, we’re committed to helping you do just that: teach. You can already count on us to provide you with creator and entrepreneurial content weekly on the blog and through our newsletter, In the Know. But we understand that sometimes you just need to go a bit deeper and dig in a little further. That’s exactly what we wanted to do when we set out to relaunch teachable:u.

teachable:u courses preview
Preview of t:u courses

A partner in learning

We’re pleased to announce the relaunch of teachable:u, our educational resource library exclusively available to Teachable creators on a paid plan. Designed to take you from learning to doing, our mini-course library contains the best actionable strategies, tips, and insider advice from real creators and industry experts. Courses in t:u cover everything from social media to video production, to copywriting to selling, so you can take action and grow your business—now.

We understand that there’s more to being a creator than meets the eye. You’re a marketer, a financial planner, a copywriter, a social media expert, and a designer—among the many other hats you wear. We designed teachable:u to be the resource you need to help you sharpen your skills, acquire new ones, and build the business you want, your way.

expert course example
Get expert and creator lessons from those who have been there and know

The mini courses in t:u are short, sweet, and to the point. We won’t waste anytime giving you the best of what we know. We’ve tapped industry experts and real Teachable creators who have seen success, and paired them together in mini courses that can be taken in under an hour. We also provide templates, guides, workbooks, and bonus videos so you can have all the resources you need in one spot. And you can revisit them at anytime.

What’s more, we’ll be continually adding to teachable:u so you can always be learning and growing.


Building upon success

Teachable:u has been a resource for Teachable creators for years now. Some of you may even have taken a course or two when getting started. But we realized, we could do better.

Originally, the educational program was designed to be a four-part series introducing creators to the world of online courses. It walked Teachable creators through the ins and outs of coming up with a course topic idea to building an audience. Flash forward seven years to a creator economy that’s changed. And so must teachable:u.

We’ve spoken to dozens of creators through the years and learned that those who use t:u don’t just learn, they do. They build stronger businesses, maximize their experiences on Teachable, and ultimately set out on paths to success.

So, with that in mind, we’re updating and modernizing t:u to be the business partner you need to scale and grow at your own speed. While we’ll still offer those getting started level courses, we’ve updated them to reflect the current creator economy and the best ways we see creators growing on Teachable.

t:u core course example
Preview of core course curriculum

Sustainability and scale

It’s one thing to learn how to build a course, but it’s another to build a business. Many creators are coming to Teachable with a following, an idea, and a good starting point. Some are even coming with a knowledge business under their belts. We’re here to meet you wherever you are.

Our new t:u courses are designed to reflect today’s creator journey and help you dive into your online business journey.

advanced curriculum
Get supplemental assets right in the mini course
teachable:u workbook example
Download workbooks and guides

We’ll still provide the essential guidance for getting started on Teachable and the best strategies we have for building a sustainable business through digital downloads, online courses, and coaching.

But we’ll also share with you the best tips and tricks from industry and creator experts to learn how to scale and earn more money, market in today’s fast-moving digital space, and take your business to the next stage of growth.


Choose your future

We have a number of different types of courses in t:u. For those who want to get down to the basics of building an online course or knowledge business, dive into our Core courses.

In these three courses, we’re sharing everything we know and have learned over the last few years. They’re meant be taken consecutively (but feel free to jump around!) and go through the process of building a sustainable business plan, mapping your purchase journey from lead magnet to full course, building your curriculum and the benefits of Teachable, and a full email launch strategy. This is our bread and butter series complete with workbooks, guides, and demos so you can feel supported on their journey from day one.

IG course

Have your course or business off the ground and want to get into the nitty gritty? Head over to our other general mini courses that cover topics on marketing, video, social media, copy, and more. These are the topics we know creators want most.

Here, we tap our own creators and industry experts for insight and tips and tricks that work. Expect real strategies, bonus lessons from creators who have been there and done that, downloadable workbooks and checklists to help you stay on track, reading lists and links to go one step further in your learning.

Get a preview of all courses below.

t:u course index
Mini course options in t:u

Taking action

Teachable:u’s premium content can only be accessed through a paid Teachable subscription (*Note: You must be the primary owner of your school to view the courses at the moment). All you need to do to access t:u is log into your Teachable account and select the Resources tab on the left hand navigation. From there, you’ll see some resources available to you, including teachable:u.

You should see the entire course catalogue. From there, you can self select which course or courses are relevant to your journey and business.

Access t:u
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Example course curriculum
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