16 Instagram influencers share the apps that they can’t live without

16 Instagram influencers share the apps that they can’t live without

The term “influencer” has developed a somewhat polarizing reception, though there is no doubt that Instagram content creators have established lucrative careers with devout audiences.

To keep up with a demanding schedule of churning out video after video, photo after photo, as well as podcasts, event appearances, newsletters, and the like, these tastemakers rely on dozens of apps for organization, motivation, and efficiency.

We covered the top apps that influencers across all genres use for editing, but these are the ones that they rely on to manage workflow, find resources, and, most importantly, seek daily inspiration to keep their personal brands both innovative and interesting.


airtable influencer app

“This is what I use to content plan. I write down all my ideas and indicate their statuses in the production timeline (shot, edited, posted, scheduled which platforms, etc). I find it helpful to reference when I feel like I have nothing to shoot!” – Kristina Rodulfo, @kristinarodulfo, Beauty Expert, Speaker, and Host


cameo influencer app

“Cameo has been a great way to stay engaged with fans and is marketing genius if you do it right. My rates are low so that I can make more Cameos weekly and, frankly ,it’s been a privilege to connect with people for fun, inspiration, pep talks, and encouragement during life’s difficult moments. What a gift! I could literally do these every day with no complaints. I have repeat ‘offenders’ and what’s great is that they share with friends and family and, soon enough, they’ll advertise for you!” – Mrs. Kasha Davis, @mrskashadavis, Drag Artist and RuPaul’s Drag Race Contestant


clickup influencer app

“When keeping track of potential brand collaborators, I use the site ClickUp. This program allows me to create lists, boards, and calendars. I typically create a board for my brand collaborators, which looks like a sales pipeline. Each task lists detailed information about a prospective or current brand campaign. I then drag each task from column to column as I complete each step of the campaign. Although the paid version is ideal for teams working on the same project, the free version works well for one person. I also like to create and schedule the type of content I want to film and edit for the upcoming month. And I can view this as a list or in a calendar format. This helps me plan ahead based on the best performing days according to my IG posts.” – Tinger Hseih, @dashofting, Travel and Food Blogger


endel influencer app

“When my brain is thinking about 10 things at once and I really need to accomplish just one task, Endel has become my go-to solution. The ‘Focus feature keeps me in the zone and motivated, like Adderall for the ears, so I can finish scripts, pitches or other tasks that are important but aren’t always the most fun for us as content creators. There’s also a great Sleep feature for when the day is done and you need to stop thinking about content.” – Jesse Corbin, @thejessecorbin, Fitness Influencer and Member of the Boy Band Project

Google Workplace

google workplace influencer app

“I host my WordPress site through Bluehost, but I hate the free mail options they offer. Google has affordable packages for a solo blogger like me to subscribe to for services like Gmail through which I can use my domain, get ample storage in Google Drive for sharing digital assets with brand partners, and a great Google Drive app for Mac for easy uploading and downloading through Finder.” – Anthony Mastracci, @thenextgentleman, Men’s Fashion Influencer/Blogger and Senior Commerce Editor for Men’s Journal and PARADE Magazine


libby influencer app

“As a creator, so much of what I think, talk and write about has to do with what I’m learning. I love the Libby app because it allows me to check out audio and Kindle books for free from my local library. I use it to grab some inspiration when needed, get answers to business-related questions, and to read for fun.” – Ashley Feinstein Gerstley, @thefiscalfemme, Personal Finance Influencer and Author of Financial Adulting and The 30-Day Money Cleanse


planoly influencer app

“I use Planoly for bulk scheduling. Its layout is super simple and it lets you ‘plan’ out what your post will look like on your feed and then automates it. I’ll plan a week or two out and move things around if it looks cluttered. It’s also extremely simple to use and doesn’t make me feel bad about not doing other social media since it’s very Instagram-centric! – Emma Willmann, @emmawillmann, Stand-Up Comedienne

Productive – Habit Tracker

productive ht influencer app

“The overlap of ‘life and work’ is both a pro and con of being a content creator. A con: There aren’t clear lines or boundaries, and every time I pick up my phone I end up ‘working.’ So I’ve been trying to focus on building better habits (and adjusting/eliminating bad ones). Productive is pretty all-encompassing — it can help you with setting work routines and getting to-do lists done, but you can also use it to track/build habits around things like drinking water, reading, or better sleep.” – Jordan Hughes, @highproofpreacher, Cocktail Maker, Visual Storyteller, and Author of Twist


shopmy influncer app

“I’m obsessed with this app. I’m a shopping addict and businesswoman, so this combines my two loves. It also allows me to share links with my followers so that they can purchase what I’m wearing. Just think of me as your unofficial stylist!” – Taylor Strecker, @taylorstrecker, Host of the Taylor Strecker Show and Taste of Taylor Podcast


spotify influencer app

“If flowers are my medium, music is my muse. I cannot function without it. Aside from keeping me in the zone while arranging or event planning, it fuels my creativity. Making seasonal playlists to set the mood and vibe is my jam. So queue up Spotify, baby!” – Tiffany Gabrus, @thesweetzerlife, Floral Artist

Substack Reader

substack influencer app

“A few years ago I started a newsletter, and it’s evolved pretty quickly from what I expected it ever could be. While I began on Mailchimp, a few months ago, I switched over to Substack — a decision I truly wish I had made sooner. The Substack interface is so much cleaner and it helps me keep everything in one place for all the stories I want to tell. I also love Substack as it connects me with other writers. When you open the app, the latest posts from people you follow pop up which allows me to constantly keep my finger on the pulse not only in my industry of travel, wine and spirits, but also in genres that overlap with those beats. Newsletters are such a fantastic way to connect with an audience on a deeper level than social media — though I may post about my trip on Instagram, not all of my broad followers want to know about where I eat or how I got there, yet the beauty of a newsletter is that subscribers sign up — and when they opt in, they know what they’re getting themselves into. This equates to a more concentrated audience and response rate of my stories resonating with like-minded readers.” -Jillian Dara, @jilliandara, Travel, Wine+Spirits, and Culture Journalist


sunsama influencer app

“Sunsama is the best time management tool to replace all the others you’re using. It’s an all-in-one daily task manager that organizes all tasks, meetings, emails, and projects in one place. I also did a YouTube video explaining how I use it.” – Sade Kelly, @sadekelly_, Time Management Coach


tiktok influencer app

“From the amazing recipes I find daily, to the workouts, motivational videos, DIY videos, TikTok is like the new Google! it hasn’t failed me yet. I find myself on there looking for 30mins & it can easily turn into 2hrs. So much content & things you probably would’ve never thought of!! It’s definitely a app. I could BUT don’t want to live without!” – Amber Wagner, @jstlbby, Motivational Influencer, Entrepreneur, and Host of the Jst Us Podcast

“I use TikTok to find fun content ideas, learn new video styles, and I also feel more willing to experiment freely.” – Sam Gach, @samgach, Fitness Influencer and Creator of Stretch app


timeshifter influencer app

“I love the app Timeshifter! It was developed by sleep medicine experts who really know jet lag strategies well. You put in your flight/travel times and locations and it will come up with a customized plan for when you should advance/delay your bedtime just before going, when to have caffeine, when to potentially take melatonin, and when to get light exposure or use sunglasses. It is pretty amazing.” – Shelby Harris, PsyD, DBSM, @sleepdocshelby, Behavioral Sleep Doctor


waze influencer app

“As a travel-savvy content creator, Waze is my indispensable travel companion for time management while on the road. Much more than a conventional navigation application, it’s my go-to for optimizing my journeys domestically and abroad. It’s my compass through uncharted territories with real-time traffic updates, crowd-sourced road information, and dynamic rerouting capabilities to traverse unfamiliar cityscapes seamlessly. For instance, when I embarked on a whirlwind exploration of hidden gems to find the perfect photo opps in Thailand, Waze not only guided me through crowded streets but also alerted me to potential bottlenecks, ensuring I made the most of every moment.” – Kinya Claiborne, @kinyaclaiborne, Founder and Editor-in-Chief of STYLE & SOCIETY Magazine

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