A look back at 2020: Teachable creator stats by the numbers

A look back at 2020: Teachable creator stats by the numbers
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The weight of this year is not lost upon all of us at Teachable. But one of the most inspiring parts of 2020—yes, there were bright lights—were our creators. This year, Teachable content creators have had to pivot strategies, adjust goals, and rethink what it means to create online. And they’ve done so fearlessly. For many, this was a continuation of what they were already doing, but for others, this was a new venture into online knowledge sharing altogether. For all of those who took the leap into online course creation and coaching in 2020, we commend you.

Teachable 2020 Infographic

As you can see, 2020 really was a big year.

Creation by the numbers

To start, it’s important to note one of the biggest milestones we’ve seen at Teachable: $1 billion in creator sales. That means creators across the platform have earned a billion in revenue.

Teachable creators earned close to $400 million and launched 154,500 new courses in 2020 alone. What’s more, with the launch of our new coaching feature in June, we were able to help creators launch almost 15,000 new coaching products.

A new coat of paint

Just as creators were embracing coaching and expanding their offerings, Teachable itself went under a modernized rebrand, and we refined our mission to better serve and support anyone looking to launch a knowledge-based business.

Part of the whole

But we’re never quite alone. In June we also launched an exclusive community, teachable:hq, where more than 6,000 engaged creators share insights and talk business across three personalized tiers. And this last fall, Teachable hit 50,000 followers on Instagram, meaning we can now reach even more people and share the power of knowledge.

The gathering of minds

In September, we welcomed more than 40 amazing speakers—including Nicole Walters, Gary Vaynerchuck, Anthony O’Neal, Lisa Nichols, Jim Kwik, and so many more—at our Share What You Know Summit. This three-day event helped nurture entrepreneurs and provided information in everything from finances to motivation. With more than 20 hours of content, this was only the beginning of how we here at Teachable are working to be the best partner in business for our creators.

Setting milestones

Hot off of an inspirational Summit, Teachable content creators rolled right into Black Friday, where they hit the highest number of coaching and courses sales all year, with more than 563,000 sales in November alone.

But as we close out the wild ride that was 2020, we want to take a moment to acknowledge that although we here at Teachable will always strive to deliver the best platform we can and celebrate the big wins, we know there is more to running a business than numbers and stats. There are little moments that make you proud to be a creator.

Whether that’s reaching a global audience for the first time, making your first $1,000, receiving positive feedback from a coaching client, or even something as simple as hitting publish on your first course, every little milestone on your business journey is important and each one helps get you to where you are today—and where you’ll go tomorrow.

So as you look toward 2021, take a moment to reflect upon this year and how you were able to share what you know.


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