Changes to our pricing—So we can keep growing together

Changes to our pricing—So we can keep growing together
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Teachable exists because we believe shared knowledge has the power to transform lives. That’s why our work has always been rooted in building and delivering a truly transformative product for our creators and their students. When our platform helps make it possible for a creator to grow a full-time business, for example, or for a student to acquire a life-changing skill, our mission becomes a reality.

While our day-one mission continues to guide everything we do, building a transformative product requires innovation, agility, and iteration. The needs of creators today look a lot different than they did when we were a small team in a Brooklyn apartment eight years ago. And so we’ve dramatically expanded and enhanced the Teachable platform. Today, tens of thousands of Teachable creators have access to an even more flexible platform—complete with greater sales and automation tools, numerous ways to monetize their knowledge outside of courses, as well as new support services, and a best-in-class payment system that makes it easy to sell and protects from fraudulent activity.

To better reflect that added value and enable us to further invest in future creator needs, we are increasing our pricing for the first time in three years. We will still offer a free plan, allowing creators to learn the basics of course creation, get their first product off the ground, and begin building their business at no cost. But the vision for our paid plans is to go far beyond this first stage of creation. It’s imperative we arm our creators on paid plans with an industry-best product, equipped with advanced features that play a direct role in their long-term growth and success. To accomplish this vision, we need to also weigh the increasing costs facing our business in today’s environment. Our new plan pricing does this—ensuring we can pioneer the best knowledge products out there for creators in the years to come.

Here’s what you can expect for our other plan options:

EOY Pricing Chart
*Creators can now contact Teachable’s Sales team to customize their Business plan.

These changes will go into effect on January 9, 2023.

Our team is always innovating to bring the best and the most in-demand tools to our creators, so they can make a living (and then some) sharing their passions and skills with students around the world. Of late, we have been particularly focused on new features that ensure our creators can even better monetize and scale. While, in many ways, we’re just getting started, I also want to highlight just a few of these expansions to the platform.

Helping creators earn more money

  • Upsells—Upsells allow creators to generate incremental revenue by offering related courses to students at the point of purchase. The feature makes it easy for creators to transform a checkout page into a simple, single-click opportunity for students to make an additional purchase. Today, creators using Upsells have 1.7x the amount of sales compared to creators who don’t.
  • Bundles and Order Bumps—Creators can leverage multiple offerings to increase their average order value. Creators who use Bundles have 1.6x the amount of sales compared to those who don’t, while those who use Order Bumps have 2.4x the amount of sales.
  • Affiliates and Referrals—Affiliates and Student Referrals allow creators to reach new audiences and increase their business footprints. Those who use Affiliates have 4x the amount of sales compared to creators who don’t, and creators who use Referrals have 1.8x the amount of sales.
  • Digital Downloads—Creators can use Digital Downloads to incorporate smaller, bite-sized pieces into a knowledge business. Often sold at lower price points, they help creators get even more students in the door and prime them for future purchases.

Ensuring creators are supported every step of the way

  • teachable:hqOur private community of more than 10,000 Teachable creators is a space for our creators to connect, swap stories about running a business, celebrate wins, share best practices, get feedback, and network with peers on similar journeys.
  • Group Coaching—Group Coaching sessions are live, interactive webinars hosted weekly by our in-house Teachable experts. Each session is designed to answer creators’ unique questions, help them learn about the Teachable platform, and guide them through their business journey—no matter what stage of the game they’re in.
  • Launch Accelerator Challenge—Our Launch Accelerator Challenge helps creators launch their course in just four to five weeks through ongoing coaching calls, assignments to help creators get their courses set up, as well as personalized feedback and advice.

Making it easier for creators to run their businesses

  • teachable:pay 2.0—The revamped teachable:pay takes our built-in payments system to the next level—further solidifying our payment gateway as a one-stop-shop for worry-free business management. Creators can easily accept a variety of payment options, automate sales tax handling**, accept international payments in 130+ currencies, offer mobile pay, and protect their bottom line with fraud monitoring and chargeback support. Teachable:pay also unlocks access to BackOffice services, so a creator can manage their team’s payouts and offer PayPal as a payment option for students. The latest version, expanded to 47 additional countries, comes with more powerful ecommerce optimization tools, as well as a new tax-inclusive pricing option.
  • Public API—A natural extension of our founding belief in creator autonomy, our Public API ensures creators can confidently integrate and connect the tools that help them best run their businesses. The new offering grants creators even more flexibility as they advance on their course creation journey and think about new ways to scale.

We remain as committed as ever to our mission—the transformative power of knowledge is here to stay and we believe these changes will help ensure we can continue improving Teachable for years to come. Together, with creators’ evolving needs, we are building a platform that will fuel enduring businesses, capable of reaching students across the globe. There are many exciting platform updates coming soon. These additions will further cement Teachable as the leading platform for knowledge creators, where they can deliver a best-in-class experience for their students and maximize their earning potential as business owners.

For more information on each of our plans, see our pricing page here.

Thank you to our entire Teachable community!


*Please read our Knowledge Base for more details on tax handling

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Mark Haseltine

Mark Haseltine, Mark Haseltine is the General Manager of Teachable, the go-to platform for creators to turn their knowledge into scalable businesses. As General Manager, Mark is passionate about building world-class teams that successfully bring innovative products to market through experimentation and iteration. His deep-rooted belief in the power of education, coupled with today’s booming creator economy, is what brought him to Teachable. Prior, he led teams at The RepTrak Company, edX, GoDaddy, Gerson Lehrman Group, and Oracle. Mark is the proud father of twin girls and an avid runner.

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