3 ways to use an API to enhance your business automation

3 ways to use an API to enhance your business automation
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The benefits of an API (Application Programming Interface) could change your daily life as a creator.

On an average day, you may be creating products, setting up email funnels, making sales, supporting customers, and more.  As a creator, whether your business has a small team or a large one, you likely have many different systems and tools you log into daily to accomplish all the things you need to best run your business.

When your tools don’t integrate or connect with one another seamlessly, multiple things can happen: You could lose precious time doing repetitive tasks, get frustrated when course content doesn’t automatically update across platforms, and even lose sales as a result.

Manually managing all these different business needs can be frustrating—especially when you’d rather spend your time coming up with new ways to change your customers’ lives and grow your revenue.

If all the tools you use in your business can connect with each other, you could have effortless data sharing, automated workflows, and streamlined customer and student experiences.

This is why we are excited to offer our new API at Teachable. With this API, creators will be able to connect tools from outside Teachable into the same ecosystem with the support of a developer.

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Here are three specific use cases for how our API can help you today:

Make data-informed decisions with ease and convenience

If your business is using a CRM tool like Salesforce for sales reports, you might want to see which sales were related to Teachable products compared to other product offerings you have. Right now, that may involve manually tagging customers in Teachable with a unique ID to map the data from Teachable into a CRM.

Using API to develop a customized connection between Teachable and Salesforce would allow you to bring all your data from Teachable into your central system with Salesforce. With this detailed overview of all your sales data automated, you won’t have to go in and manually tag users in Teachable. Instead, this data will map automatically into Salesforce so you can look at your sales reports and use the data to inform your decisions.

If you have multiple income streams, being able to connect your data to everything else can give you a broad picture of your revenue and impact.

Connect tools from outside Teachable into the same ecosystem

There are many unique tools outside Teachable designed to save you time—for example, a discount code platform. Imagine being able to control all your discount codes from one place. However, if that one discount code platform doesn’t connect to Teachable, you’re left manually adding the same codes to Teachable to allow your students access to everything you have.

An API would allow you to work with a developer and create a custom automated workflow between your discount code platform and Teachable. You would simply create a code in your discount code platform then it would automatically populate within Teachable, eliminating the need for you to manually enter them later.

Not only do you create a streamlined experience for yourself as a creator, but it’s a seamless experience for your students too. API helps you automate tasks without the need for a web hook.

Access the data needed to build custom apps

If you have many courses or different types of offerings, having all those offerings displayed on a custom website outside Teachable is difficult.

Any time you change a course and want it to display somewhere, else you spend time making all these changes manually across everywhere your course is displayed.

Instead, with API you can work with a developer to set up a custom app. This would allow you to embed a Teachable product onto your website. The API would connect from Teachable to your website to ensure that when you update the course on Teachable, it will be updated everywhere else as well. Now, potential students see the same information no matter where they encounter your course, driving more sales for you while saving you time.

Ready to get started with API?

Teachable’s API is available for creators on Pro and Business plans.


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