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3 free Keynote and PowerPoint templates and themes

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Are you on the hunt for free Keynote and PowerPoint templates or slides? We all love presentations that are well-designed and informative. And yet, so many presentations lack basic design knowledge. (Think: too much information crammed into one slide, cheesy graphics, confusing complex data, and more.)

 Plus, the default Keynote and PowerPoint templates aren’t always great if you’re looking to differentiate yourself. What’s more, we all know that engaging visuals are essential for your content or course, but producing them is challenging, especially if design isn’t your strength.

Below, we’ve included basic design tips, color palettes, and fonts in each template. We’ve even included Keynote and PowerPoint template versions (based on the software you may have.) We recommend checking out the first slide of the presentation to learn how to create great presentations. This has extra design tips and explores presentation structure. These Keynote and PowerPoint templates are meant to be a guide for you. Customize them as you see fit—or follow them exactly. How you use them is up to you.

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