Coaching success story: Abbi Perets of Successful Freelance Mom

Coaching success story: Abbi Perets of Successful Freelance Mom
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We sit down with Abbi Perets of Successful Freelance Mom to learn how coaching has helped her reach her business goals.

Abbi Perets has been a freelance writer for over 20 years. After working in marketing at a boutique agency, she made the switch to freelance writing when she had her first baby. She realized she didn’t have time to work a regular schedule but she could squeeze in three or four hours of writing a day.

So she started building up her freelance clientele while continuing to have children—she now has five kids, one of whom has special needs. “Freelance writing has allowed me to have a career and be a mom,” says Perets. Now, she shows other women how they can do the same. Here, Perets shares how she grew her business and how coaching has played an integral role in her success.

Q: Tell us about your business. What services do you provide?

A: I teach moms how to become freelance writers so they can make money working from home and still have time to spend with their kids. I started teaching other moms at the end of 2016. I created my website and learned how to build courses

Q: When and why did you join Teachable?

A:. I discovered Teachable in 2017 and realized it would make me look more professional so I joined and have been using it to host my courses ever since. I keep adding content to my evergreen courses, and I’ve built a solid community on Facebook.

Q: How have you grown your business?

A: Facebook groups are a big way I get clients. I had joined some mom groups when my son with special needs got sick, and I realized there were a lot of moms like me who wanted to make money working from home. I started answering their questions about copywriting and content, in general, and realized I could turn all the stuff I was teaching them into a course.

Another way I’ve grown my business is through podcasts. They’re a great way to talk about your business and get your name in front of a lot of people. Plus, they’re a lot of fun! It’s always nice to connect with smart, like-minded people.

Q: Have you always offered coaching services?

A: In addition to my courses, I’ve always offered group coaching and 1:1 coaching. People could book 1:1 sessions with me as its own service or in addition to being enrolled in one of my courses.

Q: How has Teachable’s new coaching feature helped with your business?

A: It’s made it so much easier for my clients to book calls with me. I love that it’s so tightly integrated into my courses, and booking is streamlined so it doesn’t require as many tools. I can easily offer coaching calls at places in the program where I know people tend to get stuck. Being able to offer coaching on Teachable is a win-win for me and my clients—they get access to me if they need more help and I get an additional revenue stream.

Q: What’s your favorite thing about the coaching feature?

A: I love that I can build the upsell right into the course—it feels organic and not forced at all. My clients get a lot of value from the calls. They always tell me how much fun it is and ask if they can do it again.

Q: What’s the biggest benefit of coaching?

A: It gives me a chance to get up close and personal with my students. When we get on a call, we can talk through what’s holding them back and preventing progress. It also helps me look at my courses through their eyes and see what I can improve upon. But ultimately, coaching helps me build deeper, more intimate relationships with my students, which helps me serve them better in the long run. I get so much out of working with them—it really fills me up and excites me, which helps fuel my business.

Learn more about Teachable’s coaching feature and how you can use it to grow your business.

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