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Why content buckets are essential for social media growth

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As a content creator, your presence on social media matters. It can be difficult to know where to start or how to grow your audience organically. Fortunately, there is a time-tested strategy used by social media managers and influencers that will help you boost your reach—content buckets. Whether you’re building a brand on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, or all of the above, content buckets are an effective way to strategize and vary your social media content.

Read on to learn more about why content buckets are essential for online entrepreneurs and how to use them successfully.

Goals before gains

Content buckets are categories or themes of information that a content creator plans to share. There are six main buckets that are often employed by brands: education, inspiration, personal, promotion, conversational, and entertainment. However, according to what your business’s goals are these buckets can vary. 

We recommend stepping back for a moment to assess your goals, so you know exactly which buckets will work best for you in the long run. Grounding yourself in your brand’s overarching purpose is crucial to understanding what content your specific audience craves.

Fill your buckets

In case you’re still struggling with choosing your themes, here’s a breakdown on what you could fill them with.


For online course creators and coaching experts, this theme is one that will probably come most naturally. Primarily, the educational bucket is used to increase brand credibility by positioning yourself as a knowledge expert in your field. This category can include content such as:

  • How-to videos
  • Infographics with reliable statistics
  • Pro-tips and tricks
  • Links to informational blog posts
  • FAQs about your business/offerings


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The personal bucket is catered towards increasing brand awareness. In some ways, as an online entrepreneur, you become a part of your brand. And that’s what other people gravitate to. It’s easier to relate and connect with an actual person than a profile full of ambiguous graphics and stock photos. The only person that can make your brand unique is you. Content from this bucket can include:

  • A “get to know me” series
  • Live Q&As
  • Picture of you doing something related to your business


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You’ve seen many of these types of posts on social media, especially for product-focused businesses. Promotional posts are important to have on your profile so visitors are aware of your deals and offerings. However, having too many might deter people from following your profile since promotional content can get quite repetitive. 

Generally, about 20% of your social media content should be promotional. The other 80% needs to be all about providing dynamic posts that offer value. In other words, there should be a 3:2 ratio of knowledge, value, and community-minded content to sales posts. If you do this, then visitors are more likely to stick around for the original, user-focused material.


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As much as creating content is essential to growing your audience, engaging with your community is equally if not more important. Conversational content is just that. If your post lends itself to interactive, engaging content, use it to your advantage. Your audience wants to know that they are valuable to your business. Make sure they know they’re being listened to rather than talked at. Some ways to do this include:

  • Opening a poll (Instagram Stories is a great place for this)
  • Asking a meaningful question
  • Doing an Instagram live seminar


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This content bucket is more geared towards capturing those that are on social media to enjoy themselves. Entertaining content makes your business seem more “human” and relatable. Sometimes, it pays off to see things from the consumer perspective instead of just business. This is also the type of content that is more likely to be re-shared on other visitors’ profiles. Whether it’s a funny meme or a recent review of a book or film, make sure it also pertains to what your business is about.


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Why it works

Using a content bucket strategy requires some planning and post scheduling, but it pays off in the long run. The more you vary your content, the more visitors will be likely to convert to customers. With this, make sure to utilize your categories in the best way possible. For instance, visitors will be more engaged by seeing a mix of content rather than three promotional posts in a row.

Overall, content buckets are a solid strategy to increase engagement and build your brand. As a result, these buckets help create and curate consistent content that adheres to your business’s goals.

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Get inspired

Looking for examples on how to use content buckets successfully? Here are a few Teachable creators whose social media platforms are seeing the impact.

Jourdan Guyton

Content coach, producer, and entrepreneur, Jourdan Guyton is no stranger to utilizing content to its fullest potential. As you can see, she diversifies her content and posts consistently. She not only posts educational carousel content but also offers inspirational videos and personal insights. To hear more about Jourdan’s story, check out her episode on the Everything Is Teachable podcast.

jourdan guyton ig jourdan guyton ig

Darryl Cheng

Darryl Cheng is the creator of House Plant Journal, one of the most trusted resources of the internet houseplant world. Since making the jump from engineer to full-time digital creator, his Instagram account has amassed to half a million followers. Similar to Jourdan, Darryl varies his content based on his business’s goals. From a meme about skylights to an infographic on solar paths, House Plant Journal is a thriving platform.

darryl cheng ig darryl cheng ig

Tori Dunlap

Tori Dunlap is a personal finance expert whose mission is to help empower women through financial literacy and wellness. With this, her branding is just as solidified as her clearly established mission statement. Another successful example of content bucket strategy, Tori implements different categories to help build her brand and cater to her audience. There is everything from educational statistics to a conversational post about a free quiz in her bio. It’s easy to see why her audience grew from 30,000 to two million in just one year.

tori dunlap ig tori dunlap ig

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