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Download your guide to creating your online course curriculum

course curriculum course curriculum

Creating your online course curriculum can be hard, especially if you’re new to course creation. We created a guide for you to help you navigate that course creation.

Get ready to dive deep and try answering some difficult questions about your course to develop the curriculum. You’ll need to explore each step and do some work to help source research too. All of this work starts with identifying your target audience and figuring out which group of people will likely make up your students. You’ll want to cater your course to them, and be sure to provide them with the information and transformation they’re looking for in a course.

You can download and use the worksheet below to help determine the direction of your course curriculum. It should also help you determine the breakdown of the various lessons you can create to make up your courses and school.

Simply enter your email and the worksheet will appear in a new window for you to start filling out when you’re ready to take charge of your course.

Download the full guide below for all six steps to course curriculum success.

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Author: Nina Godlewski, Nina is a Content Marketing Strategist at Teachable. She has a passion for taking complex topics and making them accessible for any reader. Previously she's written for Lending Tree, Fundera, Newsweek, and Business Insider.