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Ensure Student Comprehension and Success with Course Compliance

Frances Wong

| Feb 24, 2019

As a course creator, you want to know how your students are progressing through your course, and how effective your course materials are. Many online course creators also want to ensure that students complete their course. 

While graded quizzes provide some insight, students can sometimes complete the course without grasping important concepts. Depending on the course, it can be critical for your students to do so before certificates are awarded for proof, compliance, and verification.

That’s why I am so excited to share the release of course compliance on Teachable with you! 

Any student who has finished your compliance enabled course will not only have completed your course in sequence, but will also have passed all the required quizzes. Now, completion certificates can mean more than just completing a course, and your students can be rewarded for their hard work! 

To see how course compliance on Teachable works, check out this short video: 

What are the Advantages of Using Course Compliance

Course compliance allows online course creators to offer courses that require lecture completion, quiz completion and video compliance.

With course compliance, you can be assured that all the students who have successfully completed your course have gained all the takeaways you intended. In the long term, this will gather stronger testimonials, add credibility to your online courses, and build a better reputation for your online courses.

Offering corporate trainings or courses with credit? You can use our course compliance feature to abide by the rules, laws, and regulations your company or organizations may have set. Stay on brand and stay trusted with a legally compliant online course.  

How to Enable Course Compliance on Teachable

Course compliance is available to schools on Professional plans and up, and is found on the course level (Admin > Courses > Information), so you can enable it for applicable courses.  


Teachable allows you to enforce lecture order on your course, meaning students must complete the course in the order you’ve set in the curriculum. Students will not be able to jump ahead if they do not finish previous lecture, and will be directed back to the most recent section they’ve completed. 

School owners can also enable video compliance if there are videos in their courses. By enabling this function, students must complete watching the entire video in order to move on to the next lecture.  

Additionally, school owners are also able to gate the lecture curriculum with quizzes. You can require your students to complete the quizzes in your course, and even require them to pass them before they can continue on to the next lecture. 

You can set the minimum passing score for all quizzes in their course, and the maximum number of retakes students are allowed per quiz. For example, if you set the passing score to be 80%, students must score 80% or higher on all quizzes in the course in order to progress through the curriculum. If they hit the maximum number of retakes, you will receive an email alert to reset the quiz attempts and score for them. 


What if students keep failing their quizzes and ask for quiz resets multiple times? It's at your discretion as to whether you want your students to continue on with the course. In other words, with this feature, you'd be able to fail students from your course. 

To do so, it's very important to be clear about the passing requirements in your course description and what happens if they fail in your refund policy. This can help you attract more serious students and earn more quality testimonials for your course. 

Want to learn more about course compliance on Teachable? Check out our guide in the Knowledge Base.

Upgrade Your Course Certificates 

Earlier this year, we launched native course completion certificates on Teachable to provide a way for course creators to verify that their students have completed their course. With the addition of our course compliance feature, you can make these certifications even more meaningful. 

You can now enforce lecture order and video compliance to ensure students have 100% completed your online course before they receive their course completion certificate. 

Additionally, you can set the minimum passing score, and customize your course certificate to show that your students have not only completed the course, but have earned the certificate with a specific grade.  

Start Using Course Compliance Today

If you’re on the Professional plan or higher, you can enable course compliance on your online course today! If you’re on the Free or Basic plan, you can upgrade to start using course compliance for your courses.

Frances Wong is a Product Marketer at Teachable. Outside of Teachable, Frances is an avid sports fan and dedicates her weekends to Manchester United and Georgetown Hoyas games.