How to re-start your social media channels

How to re-start your social media channels

Being a successful content creator seems easy because all the creators we follow are, well, successful. But, many creators find it difficult to capture an audience, and figuring out how to get YouTube, TikTok and Instagram channels off the ground can be really tough.

At the heart of becoming a successful content creator is dedication, strategy and a true understanding of the unique dynamics of each platform. What audiences are drawn to on YouTube differs from what people want to see on TikTok and Instagram and learning that balance can take a lot of time.

So, the absolute most important thing to know about kickstarting or re-starting your social media channels is that it can take time and perseverance. If you aren’t an instant success, keep trying new things and always stay true to your brand.

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Why TikTok, Instagram and YouTube channels fail


One of the biggest mistakes people make with social media is being inconsistent. Maintaining audience interest requires regular postings and algorithms reward people who are intentional with their content. If you struggle with staying consistent, try creating a planner for when you’ll create and post content, and make sure you’re using the scheduling features so you know the content will go live when you want it to.

Lack of a niche audience

Speaking of content – know your audience. Another primary reason why social media channels fail is that the person doesn’t know who they’re making content for. Viewers are more likely to subscribe to and follow channels that consistent provide content they’re interested in, so lacking a clear niche or target audience can make it difficult to build a brand.

Low-quality content

Once you know the audience you’re making content for, make sure it’s content they want to see. This sounds obvious, but so many creators make the fatal mistake of failing to make quality content. Low-quality videos, audio, and editing can turn viewers away, so take the extra time to make sure the content is something you’d want to watch. Make sure you balance self-promotion in your content with information, because too much of a focus on asking for likes, shares and subscriptions can backfire.

Algorithm changes

I know, “algorithm” doesn’t get a lot of people excited. But, it’s a pretty vital part of being a successful content creator. Unfortunately, as algorithms change, you need to change. This doesn’t mean abandoning your brand or finding a new audience. You just need to adapt to what style of content is being promoted. Maybe it’s the length of content you’re providing or the medium you’re using.

Tips for re-starting your social media channels

Tips for re-starting your social media channels

If you’re one of those people who had some success on social media and hasn’t been able to grow beyond that, it’s probably because you’re focused on the wrong strategy. But, how can you know what the right strategy is?

Take time to self-reflect

First, start by looking back at your existing content and audience engagement. Identify what worked and what didn’t and look for trends. What topics does your audience want to see? Is there a time of day you’re posting that works better than others? Do people want certain visuals or specific information? If you feel like your content might be getting a little stale, try diversifying by experimenting with new topics.

Also, make sure you aren’t posting too much content. It’s tempting to post a ton to try to get more engagement, but focusing on high-quality content can often be better than inundating people’s feeds. Take time to invest in production quality and see if that works.

And, don’t forget to use other people in your niche to help your own brand. Look at your competitors’ channels and think about what they’re doing differently. This can serve as inspiration and give you ideas for how you can improve.


Have you changed the focus of your content? Are you trying to target a different audience? If so, you might want to think about rebranding your channel and giving it a fresh look. Try updating your profile picture, cover photo and bios to reflect the content you’re creating and where you want to go.

Try engaging with your audience

If you aren’t responding to comments and messages, try engaging more with your audience. People want to feel connected to the creators they follow. You can also try hosting an AMA or a live Q&A session to help build a loyal community. This also serves as an easy way to diversify content. Variety keeps audiences engaged, so make sure you’re switching up when you’re using images, videos, stories, live streams and polls. Try posing questions to your audience in your posts and stories to encourage people to interact and when they do, respond quickly.

Explore new collaborations

Companies are constantly looking for ways to find new markets and the same is true for content creators. Try reaching out to other content creators in your niche for a collaboration because cross-promotions can introduce your channel to new audiences. While not a collaboration, per se, you should also encourage followers to create and share content related to your brand or niche. User-generated content builds trust and can be a fresh perspective.

Above all, remember that social media success doesn’t happen overnight. It requires patience, and a genuine passion for your content. So, embrace the challenges, learn from your difficulties, and keep working towards your goals.

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