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How to use Instagram’s Collabs feature

person filming Instagram live person filming Instagram live

If you’ve been struggling to keep up with Instagram app updates over the last couple of years, you’re not alone. The social media app has taken a liking to creating integrations that make navigating the app much easier (and more attractive) for creators. One of the most recent features to launch is the Instagram Collabs feature. This is a tool intended to give your Instagram content a wider reach by “co-authoring” in-feed posts and Reels with other Instagram pages.

Better together

When you first see a Collab post on your timeline, you may ask yourself, “Why am I seeing posts from people that I don’t follow?” Well, the quick answer is because Collabs co-authors the post. This means it will show up on your timeline so long as you follow one of the collaborators. At the moment, the tool only allows up to two collaborators. However, if we know Instagram the way we think we do, they’re probably looking into how to up that number. 

In Instagram’s Twitter announcement about the new tool, they broke down exactly how it works and how you can expect to see it on your timeline. 

  • Both handles of the collaborators will appear on the header of the post. 
  • The post will be shared with both users’ followings, regardless of whether the followers are shared or not. 
  • Once the collaboration is posted and accepted, the post will appear on the grids of both profiles. 
  • Share views, likes, and comments will appear identical on both profiles. So, even if someone didn’t like the post from seeing it on your profile, their engagement on the post will still show on your profile. 

In many cases, sharing the spotlight as a creator may not be attractive. But in the case of Instagram, where more than 1.3 billion active users are posting daily, co-authoring a post opens up the opportunity to be seen by more eyes than ever.

Note: The Collabs feature is not a replacement for the Paid Partnerships tag on Instagram. In the case of sponsored content, you still must properly disclose it according to FTC guidelines. 

Using the Instagram Collabs feature

Unlike some previously released features, Instagram Collabs is pretty straightforward. Most importantly, it won’t require you to do much pivoting from your current social media strategy (other than finding the perfect creators, businesses, etc. to collaborate with). Below is a quick explanation of using the Collabs tool, along with some helpful tips to get you started. 

Create the content

The first step to anything on Instagram is to, of course, create the content. When creating content with the Instagram Collabs feature in mind, it’s super important that the content makes sense for you and your co-author. This way it resonates with both audiences.

Instagram post creation Instagram post creation
Step 1: create your Instagram post

When creating collaborative content, whether a standard in-feed Instagram post or a Reel, it’s essential that you ask yourself a few questions.

  • What is your goal for the Collabs post? To get a wider reach? More conversions? More followers? Be very clear with your intentions to better analyze insights and strengthen your game plan for future Collabs posts. 
  • Is the post mutually beneficial for both audiences? The last thing you want to do is create content that doesn’t make sense for your co-author’s audience. Content that doesn’t make sense will likely be ignored and not gain much traction. 

Send a Collabs request

Adding a collaborator will come second nature if you’re familiar with tagging other Instagram profiles in your uploads. When you’re on the share screen of your Instagram post, you’ll see the words “Invite Collaborator” right next to the “Add Tag” button. All you have to do is click the button, type in the handle you’d like to add as co-author, and send a request that will go to their DMs with your inquiry.

Instagram post collabs Instagram post collabs
Step 2: Invite a collaborator
Invite collaborators on Instagram Invite collaborators on Instagram
Invitation view
Add a collaborator Add a collaborator
Collaborator view

Accepting a Collabs request

Conversely, when you’re being invited to collaborate on a post, you’ll be the one accepting the collaboration request via your DMs.

Incorporate Instagram Collabs into your social media plan 

Collaborate with yourself

There’s a fine line between business and personal on social media. Furthermore, it’s not uncommon for creators to run multiple businesses or social media pages. If you find yourself often sharing the same sort of content in numerous places, using the Collab feature on Instagram may help streamline your posting and convert followers on one page to followers on another. 

Hosting giveaways or promoting events

If you’ve ever hosted or participated in an Instagram giveaway, then you know, both giveaway hosts typically ask their respective followers to comment or like on two separate posts. To help streamline a giveaway, use the Instagram Collabs feature so that the post lives on both pages simultaneously and doesn’t require users to jump through hoops to enter. 

Additionally, the Collabs feature works great for virtual events in which two hosts are teaming up. Check out how we utilized the feature for one of our latest webinar events. In this case, both Teachable’s Instagram followers and Jess Catorc’s followers saw the post.

IG Collabs example IG Collabs example
Example of Instagram Collabs feature

At the end of the day, Instagram is known to show favoritism towards pages that take full advantage of new features. Our advice for you is to be an early adopter of the Collabs tool so you can be a star in Instagram’s eyes. And, of course, get the hang of it early on. 

Author: Mika Robinson, Mika is a NYC-based lifestyle blogger and freelance writer. When she’s not creating content on her blog,, she’s somewhere in the digisphere writing content for your favorite platforms and go-to brands.

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