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Ep. 6: Learning languages (with Mark Pentleton of Coffee Break Languages)

mark pentleton mark pentleton

Mark Pentleton is the founder of Coffee Break Languages and the award-winning creator of some of the most popular education podcasts ever produced. The Coffee Break podcasts are the very first language podcasts geared toward beginners back in 2006. Since then, their suite of language podcasts have over 300 million downloads.

But how did Mark’s business get here? What’s so different about the Coffee Break teaching style that sets their podcasts apart? Also, since their podcasts are all completely free, how does Radio Lingua—the parent company—actually bring revenue into their business? In this episode, Mark shares his philosophy on free versus paid content. With that, he’ll also address a common question from new creators: is competition a good sign or a red flag?

Today’s guest: Mark Pentleton, Coffee Break Languages

mark pentleton mark pentleton

“You can learn all the time. You can be learning new skills and new ideas…and that can be applied as much to the learning process as indeed the teaching process.”

A former high school teacher of languages, Mark Pentleton launched Coffee Break Spanish in 2006. From humble beginnings with basic microphones and a makeshift home studio, he has gone on to create courses in over 30 languages, building a team of native speakers and teachers working from Coffee Break HQ in Glasgow, Scotland.

Mark believes that anyone can learn a language, and that learning can fit around your lifestyle. It’s as simple as maximizing the time you have available, be that when you’re walking the dog, driving to work, at the gym or having a coffee break.

The Coffee Break podcasts have been featured as Best of iTunes on numerous occasions, won European and British Podcasting awards, and are now downloaded over 3 million times every month. With regular video content, blog articles, social media and online courses, Coffee Break learning is helping millions of people around the world turn their downtime into their ‘do’ time.”

Where to find Mark

Courses: Coffee Break Academy

Read the full transcript here.

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