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Do this to market your course before launching: Expert advice

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There are three marketing steps every single course creator should take before launching their online course, says Carole Bardasano. She’s a digital marketing and social media marketing expert with decades of experience in the industry, and the CEO and founder of The Digital Buzz.

Before taking her courses online she taught workshops and classes in-person for companies in South Florida. She has since moved all of her online marketing courses online. As a course creator herself, she has experience making her launches as successful as possible.

In her experience, “A course has failed not because the course is bad, but because the marketing is bad,” she said. To help other course creators market their courses effectively so they have an audience to launch to, she let us in on her best tips. The first step in marketing your course before launch is audience building. That way you have an audience built already when you launch the course. From there you will move on to the positioning phase, and the launch phase. Check out the full guide below to make sure your launch is a success.

The three steps you need to take

There are three major steps to take before launching your course if you want it to sell.

Learn them from an expert

We spoke with Carole Bardasano about the steps to marketing your course before launch. Here’s your guide to doing it right. Just enter your email below to get the guide!

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Learn them from an expert

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