A common Thread for creators: Meta might have a cash bonus with your name on it

A common Thread for creators: Meta might have a cash bonus with your name on it
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Has the golden era of earning cold-hard cash from social media platforms finally returned?

We’re staking it at a solid maybe.

Meta recently announced the launch of a new performance-based payout campaign on Threads and Instagram. This move comes off the back of a wider Meta initiative to help creators monetize across their platforms that goes beyond limited ad revenue sharing.

At its core, Meta's latest updates aim to simplify and amplify the way creators earn money online. With the introduction of performance-based bonuses, creators can earn based on the engagement and performance of their content—think views, likes, shares, and overall virality.

But before you start counting your digital dollars, you need to read the fine print of these new updates. 

Find out how much content creators actually make on different platforms—plus their monetization strategies.

What are the new performance bonus programs?

Meta just introduced new performance bonus programs across Threads and Instagram. These innovative initiatives mark a significant departure from traditional ad revenue-sharing models, focusing instead on rewarding creators for the engagement and performance of their content. 

Here's what sets these programs apart:

Performance-based cash bonuses: Unlike previous models that paid creators based on ad placements within their content, these new programs allocate bonuses based on content performance metrics such as views, likes, and shares. This shift prioritizes content quality and audience engagement over mere ad visibility.

We've had a long-standing belief that a creator's value lies in the work they produce and the audience they cultivate. So for many Teachable creators who already thrive in this environment, this will be a welcome move.

No monthly earning limits: In a bold move, Meta has removed the cap on how much creators can earn per month through these programs. This unlimited earning potential is designed to motivate creators to produce more engaging and high-quality content.

Threads bonus program: This program rewards creators for engaging content based on performance metrics or the volume of posts. It’s a move that incentivizes creativity and consistent engagement with the audience.

Instagram bonus program: This initiative targets Reels, photo carousels, and single-image posts, offering bonuses for content that captures audience engagement and adheres to Meta’s content standards.

Will you be eligible for Meta’s performance bonus programs?

So, you're probably wondering, "Am I going to be one of the lucky ones getting those sweet, sweet Meta bucks?" Well, it depends. Meta is hand-picking creators for the programs before opening performance bonus-earning opportunities for a wider variety of creators.

If you're aiming to get noticed and considered for the Threads and Instagram performance bonus programs, here are a few ways you can stand out…

Get familiar with Meta’s monetization policies: Make sure you’re aligned with Meta’s community standards, residing in an eligible country, and staying clear of hate speech, violence, and sexualized content.

Promote authentic, organic content: Meta has made it clear that they value natural and real audience interactions. That means artificially boosted followers or views and paid engagement strategies may disqualify creators from performance bonuses.

Post and engage consistently: Building and growing an established presence on Instagram and Threads is important for securing cash bonuses. This includes having a significant follower base and a history of regular, consistent content that resonates with your audience.

Make sure your content is 100% accurate: Content flagged as misinformation or false news may make you ineligible for monetization. 

There are plenty of lucrative ways for creators to monetize outside of platforms. Check out how everyday creators made their first online sales, without going viral or having millions of followers.

What should you do next?

Savvy creators will see the new Meta performance bonuses programs as a way to supplement their income, not as their main income source.

The truth is, you can’t rely on Meta to keep its word on what program rollouts will look like. Meta has changed the terms and conditions of its program—or even canceled program plans entirely—with little for creators. Which is why it’s important to diversify your income sources

While getting a nice cash bonus is great, full-time creators need to gain full control over their income. That’s where selling your own products like digital downloads, courses, and community membership comes into play.

Read this article to find out how you can create and sell your products from scratch and start owning your income and impact.

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