Add an order bump at checkout: Introducing a new feature

Add an order bump at checkout: Introducing a new feature
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Ever picked up an extra Mars bar when you’re in line for checkout at the supermarket? Those candy and magazine racks are designed to catch your attention and bump up your cart in the last minute when you’re still in the shopping mood. So, if they can do this in person, why can’t you do this online? In fact, you can. Most e-commerce platforms will give you the option to add in additional items at checkout. Today, you can do that on Teachable, too with our new order bump feature.

Bump that order value

What order bumps on Teachable can do for you

Order bumps are a great strategy to increase revenue for your business without having to raise the price of your products and bring in more customers. While both of those are also great sales and marketing strategies, order bumps are a much lower barrier to entry to increase your average order value.

Average order value is a metric that most creators like you monitor closely. It indicates the average amount of money customers are spending on your business in a single purchase. On Teachable, this number has been dependent upon how much your course costs or how you package your products into bundles. Now, with unlimited products on your Teachable plan, you can take the next step to create smaller products that complement your bigger course products.

Treats on Teachable checkout

On any plan on Teachable, you can now add an order bump on any course checkout page. An order bump can be:

  • Any product you’ve created on Teachable—courses, coaching, or bundles
  • Any product with a one-time purchase pricing plan
  • Added to any course
  • Customized with a thumbnail image, headline description, and sale price

With order bumps on Teachable, you can see whether your audience has an appetite for additional mini courses or templates that you can offer them that complements the course they are already buying. Your students will immediately enroll in both products and receive two enrollment emails—one for the main product and one for the order bump product. You’ll be able to monitor and track how your order bumps are performing in the Sales > Transactions table and make appropriate adjustments to continue to increase conversions.

Types of order bumps

When it comes to online courses, the most common types of order bumps for online courses are:

  • Mini courses: Mini courses are a great additional add-on for a student who is already purchasing a course from you. Position it as a specialized 1-hour course that offers more in-depth instruction on a specific area. For example, if your main course is on Photography 101, the mini course you add as an order bump can be Lighting for beginners.
  • Sequential course: Have courses that are sequential? This might be a good time to introduce it as an add-on where they can get a special discount. Emphasize that this is the only time they’ll be able to get this discount to create additional urgency to add it to their cart.
  • PDFs, templates: Everyone loves workbooks, templates, and PDFs. It might be something they can use with the course. It can be something they can utilize after they are done with the course. For example, if the main course is Project Management for Pros, you can add templates in the form of Google Sheets, PDFs, or Asana projects that they can use for their next project.
  • Coaching: Unlike the other order bumps here, coaching might be a much more premium add-on and might not work for everyone. One-on-one coaching takes up a lot of your time, so you don’t have to offer it at too low a cost. This might be valuable to market as a limited item. For example, in the order bump description, you can include “only available to five students. First come, first serve.”

Refresh your sales strategy

We are super excited to add the order bump feature into your sales tool kit, but it’s not the only feature on Teachable that can help with your sales. You can also use our coupons, upsells, and bundles features to refresh your strategy to increase conversions and sales.


Coupons allow you to give specific audiences special discounts to your course. You can create multiple-use coupons to run a campaign for a specific holiday season, or for any early-bird launches you do. Separately, you can also create a limited-edition coupon, where only the first 50 students to use the code will get the discount to create additional urgency to purchase your course.


Upsells are another great feature that can help you drive additional sales to students who have already enrolled in your course and are familiar with your content. Available on the Professional plan and up, you can add upsells on the post-purchase Thank You page of your products and even specifically target your students with upsells directly in a course lesson.


Bundles are a great way to package your courses to offer a “bulk buy” discount. You can bundle two to three courses together that are sequential or complement each other that’s cheaper to purchase together than a la carte. If you have a full academy of 10+ courses, you can even create a bundle to include access to all of them for a recurring membership fee. This means they can either purchase each course individually or at a major discount, keep a monthly fee to access all of the materials.

No matter how you want to update your sales strategy, Teachable has the features to support the growth of your business. And our order bump feature is just another way to help get more money in your pocket faster.

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