Origin stories: Meet Teachable creator Nicole Quintana-Wolf

Origin stories: Meet Teachable creator Nicole Quintana-Wolf

In our new series, Origin Stories, we’re sharing the raw, authentic narratives of driven individuals like Nicole. In each episode, a Teachable creator will unveil the inspiring journey they’ve made to get to their present reality of a successful, full-time creator. Our hope is that each episode is a mirror reflecting your own aspirations, helping you see a part of yourself in every creator featured and recognizing that if they can do it, so can you.

There comes a turning point in the life of every entrepreneur: the point of trading the comfort of what’s familiar for the unknown.

For Nicole Quintana Wolf, the familiar was teaching high school English. After a personal journey of healing, she stepped out into the unknown: turning what she learned into a business that supports others going through similar experiences.

Before I left the classroom in 2020, I was so brand new to the idea of owning an online business. I barely even know what that meant.

This turning point wasn’t all bliss and smooth sailing. Deciding to turn her passion for healing and wellness into a paycheck came with many challenges common to creators and entrepreneurs alike. In addition to the vulnerability of sharing her personal story, Nicole had to face imposter syndrome, self-doubt, lack mentality, and fear of being seen and judged.

It’s not until you really step into this great unknown of being a creator and being a business owner, that all of these things come to the surface and you are given the opportunity to meet them with love and say, okay, let’s do this. Let’s work through this.

Nicole Quintana-Wolf

“The level of challenge that I have experienced is also directly proportionate to the level of success and expansion and just possibility that I never knew was available to me before,” Nicole reflects. “What I didn’t realize then is that the experiences I had, especially in the first couple of years of being an entrepreneur, which at times were incredibly challenging, were essential to get me to where I am now.”

Watch the first episode of our new series, in which you’ll learn more about Nicole and her initial motivations for taking the big courageous leap into entrepreneurship.

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