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Tricia Parido helps others turn a new leaf through recovery on Teachable

Tricia Parido 2021 creator feature Tricia Parido 2021 creator feature

To highlight creator success, Teachable caught up with three creators to learn why it’s all worth the work for them. Up first is Tricia Parido of Turning Leaves Recovery.

Tricia Parido: a creator’s journey

Before starting a business to help others, Tricia Parido had her own recovery to focus on. In doing so, she realized she had the unique experience of understanding what the journey was like from all sides. From there, teaching and becoming a recovery coach became a logical next step.

The certified life coach and master addictions specialist came to her specialty through her own personal journey. She’s now a self-proclaimed recovery enthusiast and the founder and director of Turning Leaves Recovery. Teachable has given her the ability to use her international certifications to help anyone, anywhere, whenever they need it.

“This is coaching, I need to be with you where you are in your life,” Parido said of her work on Teachable. “It truly allows me to effectively service my clients no matter where they are.”

Through her recovery coaching, she focuses on helping people struggling with addiction to substances or behaviors, negative attachments, and habits that can hold individuals hostage. She does this by offering courses online and by offering one-on-one coaching. “My core foundational pieces are all pre-recorded and I can drip them to my clients and give it to them in a very palatable, digestible fashion,” she said.

Client first

This allows her to charge her clients less for the same information they’d get if the foundation wasn’t recorded. Plus, using a platform like Teachable adds a layer of security for users who don’t have to worry about someone stumbling upon a workbook or printed materials. The people she works with can upload worksheets, partake in forums, ask questions, and take part in whatever they’re working on all within the secure platform of Teachable. “It’s definitely their personal journey and I love that about the space,” she explained.

Through the hard times

But, the work she does and the work she asks her clients to do isn’t easy.

“My big passion is helping people cultivate the emotional intelligence that they don’t know that they don’t have,” she said. “So we’re talking, diving in, and truly getting to know themselves, creating a true life balance as defined by them.” It’s no easy task. And, it’s definitely not a simple one. Offering a space where people can truly feel vulnerable is one of the keys to success for those in recovery, Tricia explained.

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Ultimately, Tricia learned what works well and what doesn’t for a successful recovery while she was in school for her degree in psychology and simultaneously working on her own recovery. “I started applying everything into my life. And I realized I was my first test case. And it was highly effective,” Tricia told us. “I never looked back.”

Ever expanding

She was running her business for years before she started with Teachable in 2019. She launched with just two courses. But, she’s since expanded upon them in the two years since, a process she’s found to be easy and fun.

Using Teachable has been rewarding for her in different ways. The first? “As a coach, the most rewarding is that secure platform,” she said. “As a business owner the management of partnerships is priceless. And as an entrepreneur-creator, it’s the ease of being able to add the new material, to continue to grow.” One of the ways Tricia grows her business is through Teachable’s affiliate program. She loves the program in part because it takes the guesswork out of the accounting and finance side of things. “Yeah, that’s gold right there,” she said.

The sweet spot

And, much of her work centers around people who are in an addiction transitional phase of recovery. Her clients have sought treatment in a facility and are now home, frequently back in the environment where they knew their addiction most intimately. “My passion is the: ‘Now what? What’s next?’” she said. For example, “We’ve got to learn how to open the refrigerator door without going for a beer, we’ve got to learn how to go to the grocery store without going down the alcohol aisle.”

That period of addiction recovery is what she calls her “sweet spot.” The spot where she, as a recovery coach, has the opportunity to work with those in early recovery and carry them through that journey.

Worth the work

Seeing people succeed is what makes it all worth the work for Tricia. “It truly feeds my soul, to give the gifts that I uncovered in my own journey to somebody else and to see them, get it, embrace it, apply it, and have their own success story.”

Using Teachable has given Tricia the opportunity to serve people worldwide and help free them of their addictions. 

Author: Nina Godlewski, Nina is a Content Marketing Strategist at Teachable. She has a passion for taking complex topics and making them accessible for any reader. Previously she's written for Lending Tree, Fundera, Newsweek, and Business Insider.