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How to decide whether to make your course cohort-based or self-paced

cohort-based course cohort-based course

Deciding whether to make your course a self-paced or cohort-based course is a big move. It will shape your course structure, the experience your students have, and the amount of active involvement you must have in the course.

So it’s important to not make this decision lightly. And you should be sure that whatever you choose, it’s the right option for your students too. It should be the choice that makes the most sense for their learning. When it comes to your course structure it can be incredibly helpful to start mapping out your course before deciding a self-paced or cohort-based structure.

This worksheet will walk you through the questions to ask yourself when trying to decide the structure to make your course the best it can be. Simply enter your email below and get immediate access to the download. You can then fill out the worksheet right on your computer and you’ll be well on your way to choosing your course structure. Then, once you’re ready, you can start creating your course.

Cohort-based or self-paced course?

If you’re unsure whether to make your course self-paced or cohort-based use our handy worksheet to decide.

Solidify your course structure.

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Solidify your course structure.

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