Build your course with help from a trusted expert
Teachable Experts are available to help you build your online course business from the ground up—or take an existing course to the next level. We’ve vetted each of these experts and cannot recommend every one of them highly enough. Hire one today with the details below.
Here are some of the ways our experts can help
  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Web design
  • Web development
  • Course content
  • SEO
  • UX/UI design
  • Copywriting
  • Tech support
Find an expert
Jordan Godbey of CoursePro will help you build an online course business fast, without the complexity. He can create a custom designed homepage, help you with third-party integrations, assist with paid ads, SEO, email marketing, and more. He also offers a Teachable Page Builder tool, with no coding required.
Sales & Marketing
Web design & development
Course content
Purple Hippo
Tom Lorimer of Purple Hippo can help you format and build a high-quality course on Teachable. He has expertise in UX/UI design, site customization, coding, and course formatting. Check out his incredible custom sales pages below.
Web design
Web development
UX/UI design
Course content
The pros at CourseUp will help you get your Teachable course up and running in no time. Services include full course set-up, mini course set-up, and live tech support.
Course content
Tech support
Siobhan James: Copywriting
Copywriter Siobhan James writes research-driven copy that can drive sales for your online course. She specializes in sales pages, landing pages, sales emails, nurture funnels, ad copy, and webinars.
Sales & Marketing
Purple Giraffe
Maxime Britto of Purple Giraffe can create and publish an official iPhone and Android app for your school in a few days. Existing students will enjoy a new way of consuming your content and access your community. New students will be able to find your school on the app stores search engines. All of this with no extra work on your end.
Automation Ace
Troy Tessalone is a certified Zapier expert who has serviced more than 500 clients and built 3,000+ zaps while maintaining a five-star rating on Upwork. He can automate your workflows with no-code and low-code apps by putting the powers of programmable productivity to work for you.
Tech support
The team at Kurricula can help you create a clear roadmap to success with course strategy and planning. They also offer full creation services, including course content and design, sales pages, ads, and more—so your course can look 100% professional and win more students.
Content strategy
Course content
How to join us
Have what it takes to be a Teachable expert? If you have a killer portfolio, website, and reviews, then we want you to apply.
Who are the experts?
Teachable experts are third-party service providers who help Teachable creators build successful online courses and businesses. They are freelance web designers, copywriters, tech professionals, and more (but not Teachable employees).
How are the experts chosen?
All Teachable experts are vetted by the Teachable team. They have experience with the Teachable product as well as a portfolio of successful projects in their field of expertise.
How does this work?
Once you decide which expert is the right fit for you, you can submit an inquiry through their business landing pages (linked above).
How much does it cost to hire an expert?
Pricing varies by service and expert. Some experts charge hourly rates, while others are on retainer or use project-based fees. Follow up with the expert of your choice to learn more about pricing.
Do I need a Teachable account?
Yes! If you don’t have an account, create one here.
What is your refund policy?
Refunds are processed through the expert you’ve purchased a service from, not Teachable. Please check in the expert of your choice to learn more about their refund policy.
How can I become a Teachable expert?
If you have a killer portfolio, website, and reviews, then we want you to apply! Submit your application here. Please note: Due to the high volume of interest, we may not be able to respond to every application.
What if I have a question about Teachable?
For help with the Teachable product, search our Knowledge Base. Or reach out to our customer care team at