Grow your business with help from the experts

Teachable experts are available to help you build your online course business from the ground up—or take an existing course to the next level.

An expert for every speciality

Maybe you’re a team of one. Maybe you need to find someone in a specialized area to help out. Whatever the case, you can hire an expert to accomplish any of the below:

Course setup

Set your course up from existing materials, including written lessons, videos, and landing pages.

Automations & integrations

Bring your tech stack to Teachable with seamless app integrations.

Growing your audience

Set up SEO optimizations, ad campaigns, and email funnels to grow and nurture your leads pool.

Advanced customizations

Use custom code and CSS snippets to make advanced customizations on your website and student experience.

Website design & development

Set up your website on Teachable, including branding, page design, and settings.


Transfer existing products, email lists, sales pages, and more to Teachable from another platform.

Brand strategy

Create a unique brand to attract people to your products and build customer loyalty.

Content strategy

Build a cohesive content strategy across the products you sell on Teachable.

Teachable experts

We’ve vetted each of these experts and cannot recommend every one of them highly enough. Hire one today with the details below.

Why work with a Teachable expert?

It takes many moving parts to get a launch and manage a successful online business—no matter how small or scrappy the operation. Teachable experts can help you fill in any knowledge gaps or bandwidth issues you might have. Want a highly customized website but lack the coding expertise? Don’t have time to work on brand strategy? A Teachable expert is here to help.


Who are the experts?

Teachable experts are third-party service providers who help Teachable creators build successful online courses and businesses. They are freelance web designers, copywriters, tech professionals, and more (but not Teachable employees).

How are the experts chosen?

All Teachable experts are vetted by the Teachable team. They have experience with the Teachable product as well as a portfolio of successful projects in their field of expertise.

How does this work?

Once you decide which expert is the right fit for you, you can submit an inquiry through their business landing pages (linked above).

How much does it cost to hire an expert?

Pricing varies by service and expert. Some experts charge hourly rates, while others are on retainer or use project-based fees. Follow up with the expert of your choice to learn more about pricing.

Do I need a Teachable account?

Yes! If you don’t have an account, create one here.

What is your refund policy?

Refunds are processed through the expert you’ve purchased a service from, not Teachable. Please check in the expert of your choice to learn more about their refund policy.