6 ways to promote your digital products and boost sales

6 ways to promote your digital products and boost sales

You’ve worked hard to create your newest digital product, and you want to make sure it does well. That means you need to promote your digital products in order to get them in front of the right audience.

Promoting your digital products may seem daunting, but there are a number of simple tactics you can use to reach potential customers. You’ve probably already got at least a few channels up and running where you can start promoting your products. Start by employing these six promotional strategies and watch as the sales pour in.


1. Create a virtual storefront

First things first, make it easy for your customers to see what digital products you have and buy them. You can create a sales page on your Teachable school to optimize your products. Or create a page on your website or blog that showcases those products.

With Teachable, you can easily host a full-fledged online course or upload standalone digital products for your audience to purchase and download. You’ll then have a shareable link that makes it easy for your customers to find and purchase your digital products.

Here’s an example of what your Teachable storefront with multiple courses and/or digital products could look like:

Teachable sales page

Customize your storefront to fit your branding and preferred look and feel. Place the link in your website’s navigation to gain more traction and share it on social media.

Or, incorporate it into some of the additional tactics we have below.

2. Build a landing page

A storefront to house all of your digital products is key to making purchasing easy. Building out a landing page that explains all of the value of your product and why people should buy it is another great selling point.

Teachable allows you to create a fully customized landing page with images, screenshots, videos, copy, and more, but you may also choose to use a tool like:

  • WordPress
  • Squarespace
  • Wix
  • Leadpages
  • OptinMonster

The above tools allow you to create your own website or build out a standalone landing page you can use to promote your digital product.

Take a look at this example below of a digital product landing page created in Teachable that showcases a massive bundle of social media templates and examples.

landing page

Interested buyers can scroll through the entire landing page to discover all of the various templates available in the bundle and learn more about why these templates could be so valuable to their business.

Use your landing page to give sneak peeks into your digital product, explain the value behind it, and lead landing page visitors to the sales page so they can make a purchase.

3. Create Twitter threads

A Twitter thread is a string of tweets used to explain a topic that’s requiring more than the 180 characters allotted in a single tweet. They’re also a favorite of the Twitter algorithm, so incorporating threads into your Twitter strategy is a great way to reach a bigger audience.

Here’s an example of what this might look like from Erica Schneider, content editor and writing expert who created a course on social writing. She wrote out a Twitter thread explaining five things the best writers master.

In the last tweet, she shared a call to action to join the next cohort of her social writing course. By first showcasing her expertise with free value and then creating a CTA to sign up for a paid option with even more value, she’s likely to get a lot more bites than a basic “Check out my new course” tweet.

4. Share on Instagram stories

Instagram is another great social media platform to utilize for promoting your digital products—especially on your Instagram Stories. Instagram recently released the option to add a link sticker in an Instagram Story to all users (previously, users had to reach 10,000 followers to access the swipe up link).

This makes it a great avenue for promoting new digital products and linking to your storefront or landing page. Plus, users can create Story Highlights on their profile that house their Stories permanently—even after their first 24 hours is up.

Here’s an example of an Instagram Story one creator posted to share details and a link to her online course:

course story page

The above example now lives in a highlight on her profile with even more graphics detailing out each of the modules of the course. You can easily create similar graphics with your own branding details using a tool like Canva or Visme.

5. Promote in your email newsletter

Do you have an email newsletter that you send out weekly or monthly with tips and tricks for your audience? This is the perfect place to promote new digital products.

Freelance writer Kat Boogaard created a digital shop that houses templates, courses, and other resources that new writers can use to jumpstart their careers. She then mentions this shop at the end of every newsletter she sends out:

newsletter image

This is one great way to promote your digital products. Or, you can take a page out of another freelancer writer Kaleigh Moore’s book and dedicate an entire newsletter to sharing a new digital product—even offering a discount code if you choose to bring in even more new customers.

email newsletter

6. Mention in your YouTube videos

If you have a YouTube channel where you regularly post videos, consider creating a video where you mention your latest digital product or even provide a tutorial on how best to use it. Then you can leverage your audience on YouTube too.

Here’s a great example of a YouTube video detailing how to plan out your week using a Notion dashboard—with a link to purchase the dashboard bundle in the video description.

Not only does this help you add even more ideas to your video content calendar, it can also promote your latest digital products and even share use cases, proving its value and why people should consider purchasing it.

Promote your digital products and get more sales

Start ramping up your digital product sales by learning some of the top promotional tactics. Eventually, these strategies will become second nature. And you’ll start seeing sales pour in each time you launch and announce a new digital product. Get started by creating your Teachable school with your digital downloads today.

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