8 marketing emails to send to your list at the end of the year

8 marketing emails to send to your list at the end of the year
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Many content creators only consider their email list when it’s time to promote a new product or an online course launch. While email is one of the most effective marketing strategies with an average ROI of $36 for every $1 spent, before you can sell to your email list, you have to nurture it.

Nurturing your email list basically means providing valuable content for free and building a meaningful connection as well as trust. The good news is that it’s super easy, and the best time to start is now.

So, if you’re ready to dedicate the time to nurturing your email list at the end of the year, we have a list of the best marketing emails to send to your audience to build trust and connection which will allow you to sell more products in the future.

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8 examples of marketing emails to send to your email list

1. Share student success stories

One of the most powerful marketing and sales tools is customer success stories. That is why we always encourage you to include them in your sales page for your online course and encourage you to ask for reviews.

As the end of the year approaches, you can send out a series of emails to your email list that each feature a different success story from your students who are enrolled in your course. If you have the ability and your students are willing, you can even film an interview and share it with your email.

It’s a great way to show your email list that your courses are indeed worth the investment and can offer them a transformation. And if you only have digital products, you can still share the reviews of people who have used your products and found success.

2. Get personal

One way to build trust and connect with your audience is by allowing your personality to shine through, and by being vulnerable with your audience. You don’t have to share every single personal life detail, but if there is an uplifting moment, or a life lesson you want to share, doing it via email can be a great way to nurture your email list.

Sharing a personal story allows your audience to find a way to connect with you on a deeper level, and find a way to relate to you. We, as humans are always looking for a connection, so if you feel comfortable, use this time of the year to share something personal with your email list.

3. Run a limited-time challenge

Running a limited-time challenge related to your niche for your email list is a great way to engage your email list and even entice them to purchase your products. It’s best to run a week or so-long challenge, and during the duration, send out a series of emails that encourage people to participate and go through the challenge together.

It’s a good idea for a year-round email campaign, but it might be especially good at the end of the year because people are online more often, and they might be motivated to change before the new year starts.

A couple of years ago, marketing expert Jenna Kutcher organized a 7-day challenge to grow an email list to 1,000 leads. It was a great challenge that included basic information from her email marketing course, where she encouraged her list to participate and get started with email marketing.

Over the course of the seven-day period, she shared her tips and advice on how to start from scratch and set up a system that helps people grow their email lists. At the very end, she offered people to join her email marketing course which goes more in-depth about how to master your email list building.

This can be a great way to engage your email list and upset your courses at the same time.

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4. How-to-guide on how to find success with your products and courses

With your online courses, you sell a transformation to your audience. It doesn’t matter what industry or niche you are in, you promise your audience to transform their lives in some way if they enroll and finish your course. So, why not show them how they can fully utilize your offer to change their lives?

Let’s say you have an online course on web development for beginners. You could create an example plan on how to go from a coder with zero experience to a coder who can build websites. Offer suggestions on how to best study for the course, what extra tasks to do in their own free time, and how to look for a job once they finish your course.

5. A survey

Another marketing email idea is to send your list a survey. It gives you an opportunity to get insight into your audience’s minds and find out what they are missing, what struggles they are facing and what are their interests.

You might create a survey for your students on the list, and then another survey for the general email list. Both segments can surely offer great insights into how you can improve your business to help more people, and even give you ideas for new online course topics.

6. The end-of-year reflection

With the end of the year coming up, it might be a good idea to let your audience in and show them the “behind the scenes” of your business. One great way to do that is by doing an end-of-year reflection. It could be personal, or it could be related to your business, you can choose whichever works best. Or, why not make it into a healthy mix of both?

End-of-year reflection is useful for you because it allows you the opportunity to reflect on your year, and your goals and measure your progress. Tracking progress is crucial for building your confidence as a content creator, and you will have the opportunity to celebrate your success.

It also can be useful to your audience, because it will inspire them to take action with their lives. Inspirational content is powerful, and end-of-year reflections are the perfect examples of easy inspirational content that can have a huge impact on your audience.

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7. Intentions for next year

Another type of marketing email to send at the end of the year is your intentions for the upcoming year. Again, it can be something personal, purely business-related, or both. And it can be a great way for you to plan and prepare for the future, and for your audience to see what they can expect from you.

8. Organize a giveaway

The end of the year is the season of giving, so organizing a giveaway to your email list should definitely be on your email marketing plan! You can plan your giveaway around major holidays like Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and Christmas. Or you can simply do it when it works best with your content calendar.

You can give away your own products, online courses, or even coaching sessions with you. Or, you might choose to give away products from other brands that you know work well with your brand and your audience.

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