What comes after AI chatbots? AI voice generators

What comes after AI chatbots? AI voice generators

Artificial intelligence is impacting every aspect of our lives, there’s no denying that the bots have arrived. We’ve talked about how tools like ChatGPT can help content creators craft copy. And how our own curriculum generator can help creators build their course outlines. But there’s more to the AI boom than chatbots. Tools like AI-generated voiceovers can help content creators switch up their content without expanding their teams.

Nothing can replace a content creator’s personal touch. And audiences can sniff out when AI is the leading creator for a brand. Your audience wants content that’s genuine, but that doesn’t mean you can’t leverage AI to help lighten the load of your work. There are bound to be times in the creator journey when you know you have too much work on your plate and you don’t have the funds to hire. That is a great time to put AI to work for you.


AI taking you from written to audio

The chatbots seem to be what everyone is talking about lately. But AI can offer you more. There are tools creators can use to convert their written content into audio. This might just be every course creator’s dream.

Previous generations of content creators would have to hire a voice actor. Which can be expensive and leave creators at the mercy of someone else’s schedule. Or they had to brave the microphone and voice their content themselves. But now, content creators can access a host of voices for a small fee.

Some AI-generated voiceovers allow you to record yourself speaking and then the AI can adapt those words to whichever voice you prefer. Others forms of AI allow you to turn a written script into spoken word.

One of these tools, Micmonster AI Voiceovers, has over 500 voices available in 129 different languages. You can add pauses and change the inflection of the voice to match your content and even use multiple voices for one script. Micmonster offers three different tiers of pricing, ranging from $39 to $799, depending on if you want a 3-month, 1-year or lifetime plan. The company also offers a free trial, so content creators can try it out and see if it works for them before making the financial commitment.

Ioannis Agiomyrgiannakis, CEO of Altered Studio, a London-based company, told 9-Figure Media, that he realized voice was one of the biggest hurdles for content creators. Having spent eight years as a research assistant at Google, Agiomyrgiannakis said content creators not having the right voice was blocking them from being successful.

“So I made Altered to empower everybody with a charismatic voice to level the playfield. Altered Studio democratizes voice-over by removing the geographic, socio-economic and physical biases associated with someone’s voice or accent,” Agiomyrgiannakis said.

Altereds’ Voice Copilot, a new tool that launched this year, allows content creators to take a recording of their voice and change it to many other voices to create an entire production.

how to start a podcast

AI-generated voiceovers can be particularly helpful for creators with a wealth of written content. Some content creators have incredibly well-written, insightful content but are too shy or just not comfortable being the literal voice of their brand. By using AI-generated voices, these content creators can take their written content and turn it into captivating videos. This can help bring in new audience members, and makes that content even more inclusive. Plus, it gives creators the opportunity to offer their content in various formats to best fit their audience’s learning styles.

It also can help some content creators save time. And even help prevent burnout and reduce anxiety and stress. For some people, the thought of doing a voice-over can be paralyzing. Those who struggle with public speaking can spend hours recording and re-recording content in what feels like an agonizing process. An AI-generated voice can reduce the stress of having to record your own voice. And create free time that could be spent on crafting powerful written content. It’s yet another way to work smarter, not harder.

Are AI voiceovers right for you?

Whether or not to use AI-generated voiceovers is something each content creator needs to decide for themselves. While it can be helpful for some, it’s not for everyone. It’s always great to try new things, but content creators who have built a following using their own voice may want to consider why their audience gravitates toward them. That audience may be attracted to the content creator’s own voice. They may find it trustworthy or feel a personal connection and they could actually be turned off by a new voice.

But other content creators, especially those more focused on.  might weigh the written content, creating voice content. That cost can come both in terms of time and money. But it could be the right move for them.

Either way, it’s important to remember that the power of content creators is their authenticity and that’s something AI can never replace.

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