How creators can leverage AI in 2023

How creators can leverage AI in 2023
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As tech continues to evolve, change, and grow, more and more online tools pop up that creators can use in their work. In 2022, it was the year of artificial intelligence (AI). One vastly popular tool—ChatGPT—was released in late November and has so far been the most popular AI chatbot thus far. It offers in-depth answers and mimics human sentiment.

Many creators are using ChatGPT and other AI-powered tools to make their jobs easier. Instead of pushing against it, or ignoring it because it can be daunting, discover how, as a creator, you can also leverage AI in 2023.


AI-powered tools to consider

There are quite a few AI-powered tools that can essentially complete tasks for you. From creating content ideas and repurposing content to generating logo designs and more. Here are a few AI-powered tools you might consider adding into your arsenal:

  • ChatGPT: A free AI chatbot that users can write in prompts for and receive answers and feedback.
  • RunwayML: A suite of 30+ AI-powered tools that allow users to create and edit stunning content.
  • An AI-powered transcription tool that can be used to quickly transcribe videos or podcast episodes.
  • Stockimg AI: Auto-generate stock images for your articles, videos, social media posts, and more.
  • Synthesia: Create videos from text with this AI-powered video creation tool.

Keep an eye out for even more AI tools over the next few years. Soon, tools will pop up that can assist with nearly every content creation task out there. The key to using these tools is to make your work easier, and save your time, not to replace you as a creator.


How to use AI in your content creation

The big question this year has been: Will AI tools replace jobs or threaten organic content creation? While we’re going to walk you through a few ways to use AI in your tasks, the human touch is still essential. Trust us; as a creator your job is safe.

However, you can take advantage of AI-powered tools to assist your content creation in the following ways.

Generate content ideas

Running low on content ideas? Boot up ChatGPT and insert a prompt like, “Write X content ideas for [your topic.]” And take a look at the list provided. While not every idea will be a winner, you may find some that you hadn’t thought of before.

You can also ask the AI to “Write X more content ideas” to extend the list even more.

Create outlines

Ask AI to create an outline for your next big digital product, like an ebook or even your online course. Input “Write a detailed outline for an ebook on [your topic]” or “Write a detailed outline for an online course covering [your topic]” to generate an outline that ca help you get started.

Repurpose content

Easily repurpose your tweets or sections of your article into other types of content. Paste in the content that you want to be repurposed in quotation marks in the ChatGPT text box with the prompt “Repurpose the following into [a LinkedIn post/a Twitter thread/a YouTube intro].”

Get help with marketing copy

Let AI help you with your Twitter thread hook, an Instagram caption, or even an idea for a long-form LinkedIn post. Use a simple prompt like, “Write [a Twitter thread hook/LinkedIn post/etc.] on [your topic]” to get started. You can always ask for changes to get the AI to adjust the post before making edits on your own to match it to your voice.

Start using AI in your content creation

AI isn’t here to take jobs. However, it can be used to help streamline certain content creation processes, making your work go much more quickly and efficiently. Start incorporating some of these AI-powered tools in your day-to-day tasks.

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