3 ways AI can help you build your course outline

3 ways AI can help you build your course outline
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As more companies release their own artificial intelligence chatbots, it only makes sense that more people are trying them out. And that the conversation would center around them, especially for creators. While it can be tempting to push against this new technology, it can be more beneficial for you to embrace it instead.

To help you do so, we released an AI-powered curriculum outline generator. So now instead of opening up a blank document and staring at it until inspiration strikes, you can get a head start using AI. The goal isn’t to have a bot create your course for you, just to have it help you get started.


By now, you’ve probably heard about ChatGPT, arguably the most talked-about AI tool. It allows users to type in a question or request and it can return an essay, an outline, articles, and even poetry. So the designers and engineers here at Teachable took a look at this, and thought there’s got to be a way for us to use this to help creators.

And the result was an AI-powered curriculum outline generator.

We’re harnessing these new tools and adapting them to our platform to help creators work smarter, not harder.

This generator might be best if the following sounds familiar:

  • You have an idea for a course you want to teach but don’t know how to structure it.
  • You have a sense of how you want to structure your course but are having trouble getting started.
  • You have writer’s block!

There are a few different ways you can use the generator to solve these problems. We’ll go over them and then you can decide whether it’s for you or not.

Three ways to use our course outline generator

Get creative

If you’re not sure quite what course you want to build yet, there’s no need to spend time mapping out a bunch of them. Instead you can use the generator to mock up a few different options for your course. Then you can edit them, combine them, or continue to make more to outline your course.

The curriculum generator can act as a partner in brainstorming for you. You can use it to help you come up with as many ideas as possible to consider. How many of those ideas you choose to run with is up to you.

Build faster

Everyone has a hard time getting started. So we decided to help you get a jump start in creating with our  AI-powered generator. It’s an experimental new tool designed to help creators. You have the expertise and know what you want to teach, but it can be hard to turn that expertise into a course outline. So you can think of this as your starting point. To help you defeat that writer’s block, the starter to your creative engine.

With our generator, you’ll just have to enter your course topic and a short description and it will create an outline for you. Then you can start working on filling in the gaps left over.

Innovate together

As new technology emerges we all have two options, to work with it or to work against it. So instead of resisting the use of it while others get ahead while utilizing it we figured why not give it a try. Creating this tool doesn’t mean we have to all create the same bland content. It just means we might be able to get a head start in creating our unique and compelling content. When you don’t have to use your creative energy on staring at a blank doc or empty page, you can spend more of it creating.

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What we didn’t design this curriculum generator to do

ChatGPT is pretty amazing and the technology behind it is groundbreaking. And it’s generated more than a little hand-wringing about the impacts on all manner of jobs, even ones traditionally “safe” from automation.

But here’s the thing. You’re building an online business to share what you know, not what the world knows. OpenAI’s secret sauce is that it has looked at a lot of content. But you’re teaching a course, or offering coaching services, or selling an ebook, because your audience wants to hear from you. And you have experiences that a bot could never emulate.

What’s new is how quickly ChatGPT and similar tools can turn out often incredible content. What’s not new is how accessible information is–that’s been true at least since the internet and Google brought it to our fingertips.

So look at ChatGPT, and our AI-powered curriculum outline generator as a tool but nothing more. It can help you get creative, maybe see something in a new light, and break through your writer’s block. It can help you build faster, especially if you’re an expert at something but aren’t (yet) an expert at translating that knowledge into an online course format.

So that’s why we’re here and why you’re here–to innovate together, to learn together.

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