The 9 best gifts for content creators in 2023

The 9 best gifts for content creators in 2023
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It can be difficult to shop for the content creator who seemingly has everything. After all, we tend to rely on them for product inspiration and general shopping guidance in the first place, so determining what they don’t have or haven’t already thought about can be a somewhat intimidating and daunting task.

Creator gifts

The reality is these creatives haven’t really seen it all and will appreciate any effort to make their lives more streamlined and productive, especially if you personalize a gift around their unique interests and brand personality.

Here are nine ideas for the person in your life who tends to put career before everything and shows no sign of slowing down (though we highly recommend striking a work/life balance). Or, if you’re a content creator yourself, these are the items you’ll want to add to your own holiday wish list so that 2024 can start with a bang.

Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones, $349.99

Beats studio pro headphnes
Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones

Whether you’re editing, listening to inspiring music, or tuning out the distractions from those around you, noise-canceling wireless headphones are a working day necessity to achieve peak productivity. And let’s be honest, Beats happen to be just as stylish as they are useful with four color options and a sleek, modern design. Boasting a whopping 40 hours of listening time before the battery dies, the latest Studio Pro model was engineered to deliver rich, balanced sound that will blow any other audio device out of the water.

Amazon Kindle Scribe, $339.99

Amazon Kindle Scribe
Amazon Kindle Scribe


An e-reader is nice, but an Amazon Kindle Scribe is so much better. Consider it an everyday tool that can be used for practically anything: reading, sketching, taking notes, jotting down quick ideas, or even mocking up PDFs, all thanks to a smart pen accessory that syncs with the gadget and works like an actual writing utensil. After a few uses, you’ll soon be kissing notebooks and laptops goodbye (at least in meetings where typing and handwriting will begin to feel archaic).

TravelCard Plus Wallet Charger, $39

Travel Card Plus
TravelCard Plus

Chances are likely that the special content creator in your life is always on the go and bringing a bevy of electronic devices with them. They’ll obviously require a portable charger to maintain healthy battery life. But, naturally they’ll want to skip something so bulky that it takes up precious carry-on bag space. Enter the TravelCard Plus Wallet Charger: slim and powerful with built-in USB-C and iPhone chargers that are camouflaged by a stylish leather wallet (which can also be purchased with an Apple AirTag holder). Due to overwhelmingly positive publicity, the accessory sold out almost instantaneously upon hitting the market, so consider yourself lucky if you can get your hands on one during their next restock.

Tidbyt, $179

Tidbyt clock

Perfect for any home office, this app-based, LED light contraption will serve as a wonderful desktop addition. The retro-style display shuffles through a personalized list of apps that make your daily life more streamlined and convenient. These can include anything from current weather and local train times to words of the day and live game scores. Simply control what appears on the screen through a synced app on your phone and enjoy a customized display that is equal parts educational and functional (or just plain pretty and/or entertaining). It also couldn’t be easier to set up and can actually link with your Google Home to perform even more hyper-specific tasks.

DJI Osmo Mobile 6, $149

DJI Osmo Mobile 6
DJI Osmo Mobile 6

A content creator is constantly shooting photos and videos throughout the day, which requires the steadiness of a tripod or the panoramic cinematography of a handheld stick. The DJI Osmo Mobile 6 does it all by allowing users to lock their phone in place for stationary shots, 360-degree views, or practically any hand-guided angle pan, span, or zoom in and out. In fact, you may just never use only your hands again while snapping the perfect shot for all of your social media channels—it’s just that good.

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook, $38

The Anti-Anxiety Notebook
The Anti-Anxiety Notebook

Therapy can be an important component of any creative’s weekly routine, but sometimes a demand to relax the mind and meditate happens out of nowhere and you must take matters into your own hands. This cognitive behavioral therapy notebook includes 40 guided journal entries for in-the-moment support. Developed by actual mental health professionals, it’s a resource to calm the brain during moment’s of anxiety by identifying, challenging, and changing unhelpful thought patterns. Over time, you should develop more positive habits and these unwelcome, unpredictable moments of stress will feel less burdensome.

Ember Mug 2, $149.95

Ember Mug 2
Ember Mug 2

Chances are likely that any entrepreneur will rely on excessive amounts of caffeine to get them through the day. Whether this comes in the form of coffee or tea, an Ember mug is a kitchen must-have. The clever cup regulates liquid temperature so that if you’re pulled into a last-minute Zoom meeting or have to run out of the house, you can return to a hot beverage that is set at the exact number of degrees that you prefer. You can even customize presets for your favorite drinks and receive notifications when your desired heat level has been reached.

Thinking Time Deck – Business Edition, $25

Thinking Time
Thinking Time Deck - Business Edition

Big ideas require big brainstorming sessions. And when these happen, it’s time to ask the big questions to determine whether or not an idea will actually be successful if brought to fruition. The Thinking Time Deck is a great start, challenging any entrepreneur to critically think about the ways in which they approach a new business. Featuring 150 questions that aim to develop ingenuity and holistic solutions to common challenges, it’s a must-have tool for anyone who constantly seeks self-improvement and/or may suffer from not wanting to play the role of devil’s advocate.

Warby Parker Blue Light Glasses, starting at $95

Warby Parker Glasses
Warby Parker Glasses

Excessive screen time can not only be detrimental to your eyes, but it can also affect your overall health. Blue light exposure has been linked to insomnia and more serious issues like diabetes, heart disease, and even cancer. To proactively limit your exposure, it’s wise to rely on a set of blue light glasses to filter the brightness of computers, tablets, and cell phones. Whether you require a prescription or only want standard lenses, all of Warby Parker’s models conveniently contain blue light protection. Opt for either a virtual try-on session by using your device’s camera or select five of your favorite models to be sent to your home. You can, of course, hit up any of their brick and mortar locations to also shop in person, though it may make more sense to buy your BFF a Warby Parker gift card so that they can peruse frames on their own.

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