About to launch your online course? Use our checklist

About to launch your online course? Use our checklist
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Creating and launching your first online course involves a lot of moving pieces. From growing your audience to figuring out your email funnels, there is a lot to keep track of. And it can feel overwhelming if you go in blindly. Luckily, here at Teachable we’ve been flies on the wall of thousands of online course launches. We’ve talked to the top course creators and seen the same process work over and over again. And we’ve nailed online course creation and launching down to a science. We want to make course creation as positive of an experience as we can, so we created a free online course checklist for first time creators.

Our signature checklist was designed to break down the task of creating and launching an online course into much more digestible sub-tasks that simplify the process and help you build momentum.


Launching your online course doesn’t have to be intimidating or overwhelming, instead, take it one step at a time checking off tasks as you go. Download our free online course checklist today to get started.

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