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Price your course right with our online course pricing calculator

creator calculating course price creator calculating course price

Deciding how to price your course can be difficult. But we’re happy to help you figure it out with our course pricing calculator worksheet.

By using this worksheet you’ll be able to see exactly what features in your course you should be charging extra for. And each feature you include in your course can make it more valuable. Expert interviews, office hours, and one-on-one consulting are all features you should be including in the price of your course. Use the course pricing calculator worksheet to learn exactly what to charge for everything you’re teaching and offering your students.

The course pricing calculator is interactive. So you can use it to mark each feature your course includes. Or you can use it as inspiration for what to add to your course if you’re looking to add to the value. Maybe after running your course once you’ll want to add in coaching or networking events for your students to bump up the value.

Get the course pricing calculator below to use to price your course. Remember, you can always review it later and re-evaluate as your course evolves over time.

Stop worrying about how to price your course.

We have a worksheet to help you price your course accurately for your students.

A worksheet just for you.

Use this worksheet to mark each of the features included in your course and how it adds value to your course, so you know you price it right.

Enjoy your download. We'll be in touch soon.
A worksheet just for you.

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