Download Creator Connections: A Teachable Report

Download Creator Connections: A Teachable Report
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Announcing a new research report, made for creators like you.

Understanding your audience, fans, and customers is key as a creator. As we close out our third Creator Month at Teachable, we’re pleased to release our brand new consumer report, Creator Connections.

With this inaugural report, we set out to reveal the ins and outs, trends, and behaviors shaping fans and their favorite creators. The report, based on a survey of 1,000 U.S. consumers, tackles everything from the nitty gritty of what goes into creating winning content to the anatomy of developing authentic fan-creator connections.

Inside the report:

  • The platforms fans are loyal to and what makes fan-favorite content
  • The DNA of authentic connections within creator communities
  • Factors driving fans to buy from creators
  • Creators’ growing impact as instructors and knowledge sharers
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What’s behind today’s strongest creator-fan connections?

“It takes a highly engaged community—of fans, followers, students, subscribers, you name it—for creators to achieve long-term, sustainable growth. And that growth is the north star for even the biggest and best creators out there,” says Mark Haseltine, Teachable CEO.

“With this report, we set out to understand the trends shaping the people who are logging on, tuning in, and religiously following creators of all kinds. We hope these new insights help not just our Teachable creators, but creators across the industry who are looking to find new and better ways to deliver content, products, and experiences that make an impact—in the here and now, and for some time to come.”

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At a glance:

  • 70% of consumers feel personally connected to their favorite creators
  • 95% have learned something new from a creator, among other findings
  • A majority of consumers only follow and meaningfully engage with one to five creators
  • Long-form social content is closing in on short-form as Gen Z’s favorite format


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Dive deep into the trends shaping those logging on, tuning in, and religiously following creators—of all kinds. Plus, unlock insights about how creators can remain trend-savvy, without compromising audience trust or brand authenticity.

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