5 actionable strategies to help prevent creator burnout

5 actionable strategies to help prevent creator burnout

For many online creators, the positives of being a digital entrepreneur certainly outweigh the negatives. However, stress is common and natural, especially when you’re taking care of an entire business. For creativity to be present, there needs to be the classic work-life balance that’s frequently tossed around. The reality is that it can be incredibly difficult to strike that delicate balance. But, implement a few small strategies can make all the difference. Read on to learn five effective ways on how to prevent creator burnout.

Creativity is key

Creativity is a finite resource without proper planning and rest. It’s something that needs to be managed and replenished. In fact, Small Biz Trends’s research shows that more than three out of four small businesses said they feel the impact of burnout. And, data shows that millennials—those from the age of 18 to 34—report a burnout rate of 94%.

According to a 2021 study by Vibely, 90% of content creators are dealing with burnout. Their investigation of 150 different creators shows just how prevalent burnout occurs in the industry. In fact, 71% of the participants reported they have considered quitting content creation altogether.

However, there are strategies that you can adopt to help prevent creator burnout and avoid the exhaustion that comes with it.

Start with the basics

Burnout is just as much physical as it is mental. Whenever we get stressed out or overwhelmed, it takes a toll on our bodies. Creativity also relies on our physical well being. But, sometimes when things get especially tough, we can forget to take care of ourselves even in the most basic sense. Ask yourself and seriously consider these questions, despite how simple they may seem.

  • Are you getting enough sleep?
  • Do you exercise regularly even in simple ways like taking a walk?
  • Is healthy eating incorporated in your diet?
  • Have you been taking time for yourself? (five-minute meditation, brief naps, etc.)

Set strong boundaries

Effective boundaries are vital for keeping a balance between professional and personal. Without set boundaries, it can be difficult to know when work stops and starts. Replenishing your creative energy is just as important as using it. Set strong boundaries by:

  • Establishing strict office hours and adhere to them
  • Building physical boundaries with an office space (especially if you work from home)
  • Scheduling vacation and rest days in advance so you can plan around them
  • Practicing “saying no” and prioritizing what you need to accomplish first

Get into a hobby

Generally, burnout can occur from overworking. But, it can also come from not delving into works that fulfills you. It can be helpful to be proactive and add a hobby or side project into your life that doesn’t have anything to do with work. According to Dr. Fio Dossetto, author of Contentfolks, an effective strategy for navigating burnout is to “have a creative side project.” This can actually relieve some of the stress from your normal work hours. Implement a hobby or project that’s meaningful to you.

Don’t force it

When you’re under constant stress, your mind and body aren’t in optimal states to create. And, it can be difficult to know where to start or how to manage creative tasks. One thing that’s important to remember is to not force yourself to create. Along with this, you should allow yourself to prioritize quality over quantity, even when quantity seems enticing at the moment. Ultimately, putting quality first is what will turn your audience into a loyal community. You’ll produce content that’s worthy of both you and your community’s time and effort.

Put tasks to paper

Whether it’s “digital paper” or physical, it’s crucial to write down specifics when it comes to planning and prioritizing. When you’re looking at a sea of seemingly endless to-dos, it helps to have a simple and effective way to manage all of it. Get specific and write down what exactly you need to accomplish in your day. Chunking time blocks can also be helpful in formulating a schedule that you can stick to. Think of what’s a short-term task and what are more long-term goals.

When it comes to learning how to prevent burnout, the biggest thing to remember is that it happens to us all. Forcing productivity or creativity will only lead to the weight of burnout. Accept this facet of life and take small steps to combat it when you can. Success will follow!

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