How to increase your visibility and grow your audience to make more money

How to increase your visibility and grow your audience to make more money
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If you want to increase the sales number on your Teachable dashboard, it doesn’t always mean you have to go crazy with advertising or that you have to spend all of your working hours churning out content. While marketing and content creation are important, there are also different ways to increase visibility to reach your target audience and connect with them so they can get a good glimpse of what you have to offer.

A huge part of making more money with your online course relates to increasing your levels of visibility and audience engagement. When this is the case, enrolling in your online course becomes a no-brainer. As a creator, it can be easy to feel like you’re being repetitive. And the pressure to come up with brand new fresh content constantly is real. But it’s very important for your audience to hear about your course multiple times.

According to the rule of seven, a potential student will need to hear about what you’re offering at least seven times before deciding to enroll. These tips will help you enhance your content creation process in order to easily make more money online as a beginner.

4 ways to increase visibility and grow your audience

Host live events and repackage the content

Put together a workshop or masterclass that students can access at an affordable price. And then reuse the content for your course. Ideally, this would be as a foundational or introduction to the areas you teach about.

For example, if you’re hosting a virtual introduction to a Bitcoin investing masterclass in which people paid for a ticket, you can record it live. During this live masterclass, you’ll probably teach, have time for the audience to connect, and some kind of implementable activity they are doing as well. Edit the recording so it only features the parts where you’re delivering content. You can pair this information with exercises and visuals to create an entire module of a course or as a stand-alone evergreen mini-course. In that case, you get paid twice for the same content.

Another option is to host a free workshop to connect with your ideal audience, and then include the recording as a freebie bonus in your course. Either way, you’re maximizing your time and creative power by getting multiple uses out of your content.

Make content accessible to all levels of students

Money can sometimes be a determining factor for students when they’re enrolling in a course. So you want to address that by offering a range of course options. Having courses at different price points can ensure that your content is easily reachable for people who might be on a tighter budget. This can be done by offering mini-courses. This could include the topic lesson, implementation or homework, and reflection questions.

The great thing about these is that you can also bundle the mini-courses. So someone would be able to invest in all of them at once, which is made more enticing by offering a discount with the bundle. While others can still partake with what they’re able to invest at the time. Offering mini-courses is also a great bridge for someone who might be hesitant to invest in your longer and more expensive courses.

Harness the power of a mini-series

Choose a topic that is of interest to your audience—this could be something you know they want more of or an issue you commonly see popping up. Then, create a mini-series around it.

Ideally, this is three to five pieces of content centered around this main topic and ways to enhance or solve it. These pieces of content then funnel into your virtual course. For example, if your Teachable course was about cake decoration, you could do a mini-series based on “The top 3 icing enhancement tips to uplevel your cakes.” This gives your audience a teaser of what your content is like, builds trust and excitement as you drop the new content each day of the mini-series, and raises their awareness about your course and what it has to offer.

Whether you decide to do this through TikTok or Instagram carousels, be sure that you post consistently with each day of the mini-series and that you have a call to action for your audience to enroll in your course.

Collaborate with people in a similar field

For this one, you don’t have to collaborate with someone who is offering a similar course to you. But ask yourself what other fields your audience is likely to be interested in. For example, there is likely to be a decent crossover between people who practice yoga and those who are interested in breathwork.

Once you reflect on where this overlap could occur, connect with people in that field through social media and go live with them. You can interview them or just see if they’re open to having a conversation through zoom, which you can record and post snippets of. This is also a fantastic way to connect with new and current audience members on a deeper level. Of course, make sure you highlight your course and all it has to offer.

A final note

No matter where you are in the course creation process, thinking outside the box when it comes to reusing content and reaching out to new audience members is essential to increasing the cash flow. Once you consistently put these practices into play, to increase visibility and audience growth, you’ll be doubling and tripling the numbers on your Teachable dashboard before you know it.


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