Motivational wallpapers & backgrounds for entrepreneurs August 2023

Motivational wallpapers & backgrounds for entrepreneurs August 2023

To help you get ready for the month ahead we’ve created some motivational wallpapers for your phone and desktop computer. There are few betters ways to start the workday than sitting down, starting your computer up, and being greeted with a beautiful wallpaper background or screensaver.

Every month we’ll have a new inspirational desktop wallpaper for you to use to refresh your workspace and one for your smartphone too. We hope these motivational backgrounds make you a little more excited to sit down and get to work this month on whatever it is you’re creating.


How to download the free motivational wallpapers

Click the CTA bar above. And then enter your email address when prompted. The wallpapers and backgrounds will then download as a zip file that you can open and choose your favorite wallpaper for. Maybe you’ll even use more than one throughout the month!

Inspirational backgrounds made just for you

These inspirational backgrounds are available for you to download above. They include inspirational quotes wallpapers and calendars to help you stay organized and motivated. The motivational wallpapers are perfect for creators looking for that extra push when it comes to working on their online courses, digital downloads, or online coaching.

Your workspace can set the tone for your work. So it’s important for you to feel confident and cheerful while working on all things entrepreneurship relate. Maybe you’re working on getting your online course business up and running. Or maybe you’re just beginning to dabble in creating digital content for your audience to download. Maybe you even feel a little stressed while working on finances.

Whatever it is, having a great wallpaper as the backdrop can becalming and make that little extra difference. Plus, it can offer you inspiration on those days when you’re feeling stuck. Or be a new mantra to keep you in the groove.

You could even offer your audience your own wallpapers that you’ve designed. It could be the opportunity you’ve been looking for to break into selling your first digital downloads. We hope that in offering these wallpapers and backgrounds each month we give you something to lighten up your space that you can look forward to.

Check this blog post each month to get the latest backgrounds and wallpapers. We’ll be updating them at the start of the month. And we’ll be sure to share them each month in our In The Know newsletter that we send each week on Thursdays. To stay up-to-date with the latest Teachable and creator news, and to get the latest wallpapers, be sure to sign up for the newsletter.

Remember, you’ve got everything you need to become the creator you want to be, and for everything else, we’re here to help! Check out more on the blog for great resources as well as our Instagram and Knowledge Base for any support you need using the platform. If you want o learn more about the pricing for Teachable, check out our pricing page, or sign up for a free plan to try it out.

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