21 Most Profitable YouTube Niches

21 Most Profitable YouTube Niches
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You know the saying “riches are in the niches?” Well, it’s never been more true in 2024, especially if you’re looking to start a profitable YouTube channel.

Most successful YouTube channels on the platform have a niche, and their audience knows and loves the creators because of the value they create in their niche. 

YouTube has been growing non-stop as a platform, and it shows no signs of stopping. Many creators have found a way to build a successful YouTube channel, and some have turned their YouTube channels into full-blown businesses.

It’s definitely not too late to start a YouTube channel if that’s something you’ve been thinking about. To maximize your success, we recommend picking one of the profitable YouTube niches to maximize your YouTube earnings and increase your chances for success. 


1. Education and tutorials

Nowadays, there is so much educational content on YouTube that you can learn almost anything by watching a couple of videos. Many people do just that, and that’s why the education and tutorial niches are so profitable, and many creators find success within these niches. Profitable tutorial content includes things like how-to tutorials, online courses, and general educational content on a certain topic, like gardening. 

Blippi is one of the biggest educational YouTube channels for kids, with over 20 million subscribers and 100K+ views on each of their videos. Their channel is estimated to make between $31K and $500K per month from their YouTube channel. 

2. Technology reviews

One of the most profitable tech niches on YouTube is technology reviews. Everyone owns a phone, a computer, and plenty of other gadgets. Before people commit to buying an expensive phone, tablet, microphone, or other technology gadget, they tend to seek out reviews to help them make a decision. 

With all the new shiny tech things coming out every year, there is a huge demand for these videos, and tech review YouTube channels are racking up millions of views every month. 

Marques Brownlee is one of the biggest tech review YouTubers, with an audience of 19 million subscribers, and his videos get millions of views. According to Social Blade, his estimated monthly earnings from ads on his YouTube channel are between $13.6K and $200K.

3. Entertainment

If your passion lies in the music and entertainment industries, you’re in luck – these two niches can be extremely profitable on YouTube. Music YouTube channels get hundreds of thousands of views, and many artists were able to build their music careers by posting song covers on the platform. 

Music is not the only thing that pays big bucks – entertainment niche has a ton of potential too. Profitable entertainment content includes things like entertainment news, participating in challenges, and going out of your way to make people laugh. 

MrBeast is one of the biggest YouTubers in the world, with over 200 million subscribers and 100M+ views on every video he posts. His estimated monthly earnings from his YouTube video ads alone are anywhere between $700K to $12M


4. Food and cooking

Food and cooking channels are also extremely popular on YouTube. Profitable food content includes recipe videos, cooking tutorials, food reviews, city food guides, and mukbangs. 

Joshua Weissman is a food and cooking enthusiast with one of the biggest cooking YouTube channels that has over nine million subscribers. His videos get millions of views, and his estimated monthly earnings are between $10K and $170K.

5. Gaming

Gaming YouTube channels can be super profitable. There are so many games out there that have huge fan bases interested in gameplay and game-related news. Profitable gaming content includes things like Let’s Play, new game reviews, gaming tutorials, and even live streaming. 

So, how much do gaming YouTubers make? Well, LilSimsie is a gaming YouTuber who posts The Sims 4 content on her channel and has two million subscribers. Her videos get a couple of hundred thousand views and her estimated monthly earnings are $2.6K – $42.3K.

6. Health and fitness

The health and fitness industry is worth $22.4 billion, and the demand for health and fitness-related content is definitely on YouTube, too. Fitness YouTube channels share workout videos that have millions of views, but that’s not the only popular content. Profitable health content can be wellness tips, health challenges (like 75 Hard), weight loss stories, “What I eat in a day” videos, and supplement routines. 

Sanne Vloet is a health and fitness YouTuber (amongst other things) with a channel that has over 1.7 million subscribers. Her videos get a couple of hundred thousand of views, and her estimated monthly earnings are between $400 and $7.5K.

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7. Personal finance and investing

Personal finance is one of the most profitable niches on YouTube. Many finance YouTubers have shared that their CPM (cost-per-thousand views) is much higher on ads than other niches, so if you have a passion for finance and investing, YouTube is the perfect platform for you. Many finance YouTube channels share profitable finance content such as budgeting tips, smart investment strategies, and general financial education advice. 

Nischa is a personal finance YouTube creator with over a million subscribers. Her videos get between 50K and 500K views on average. According to Social Blade, her channel makes between $500 and $9.7K per month. 

8. Beauty and fashion

Beauty and fashion are other profitable niches that you might want to consider. Beauty YouTube channels are highly in demand because the beauty industry is booming – it’s worth over $500 billion, with many consumers looking for beauty-related content like makeup tutorials, product reviews, and first impresssions of new products to watch on YouTube. Fashion is not far behind. Profitable fashion content includes things like clothing hauls, capsule wardrobe tips, styling advice, and more. 

Tati is a beauty YouTuber with over eight million subscribers. Her videos get at least 100K views, and her estimated monthly earnings are between $300 and $5.7K. 

9. DIY and crafts

People love good DIY and craft content, which is why it’s one of the most profitable niches on YouTube. Profitable craft content includes tutorials, project ideas, fun craft challenges, and craft tips. Many DIY YouTube channels niche down even further, choosing to create content exclusively about sewing, knitting, or home decor.

The Sorry Girls are a Canadian group of women who are masters at DIY and craft content in the home improvement and design space. They have over two million subscribers, their videos get around 200K+ views, and their estimated monthly earnings are between $1.1K and $18K.

10. Travel and vlogs

Travel YouTube channels are also very profitable, and feature content such as travel guides, destination reviews, safe and/or budget travel tips, and sometimes simple travel vlogs. People who are curious to learn about traveling, or are choosing their next destination find a lot of value in these videos. 

Daily vlogs are another profitable and very popular niche. Profitable vlog content has to be engaging and unique, really showcasing your authentic personality and views. 

Emma Chamberlain is a very successful vlogger with over 12 million subscribers. Each of her videos gets a couple of million views, and her estimated monthly earnings from ads shown on her videos are between $500 and $9.3K.


11. Pets and animals

Who doesn’t love watching animal and pet videos? Profitable animal content can be anything from funny pet videos, pet care videos, and educational animal videos to pet product reviews. Many people who are interested in getting pets are looking for advice from pet YouTube channels. And there are just as many people simply curious to learn about the animal kingdom. 

Paul Cuffaro is an animal lover with over two million subscribers on his YouTube channel. His animal videos get over 200K views, and his estimated monthly earnings are between $2.8K and $45K.

12. Real estate

Real estate YouTube channels are huge – YouTube is the perfect medium to show off beautiful homes, after all. However, property tours are not the only thing that’s popular on YouTube. Profitable real estate content like real estate advice, market analysis, and personal real estate stories all have the potential to rack up hundreds of thousands of views. 

Graham Stephan is a real estate and personal finance YouTube creator with close to five million subscribers. His videos get 200K+ views, and his estimated monthly earnings exceed $100k per month.

13. Parenting and family

Parenting YouTube channels are doing very well on the platform. Many people seek out videos on parenting tips, child development advice, and fun and heartwarming family vlogs. 

The Trench Family shares profitable family content such as fun family vlogs, and challenges with their 8.8 million subscribers. Their videos are super popular and get over a million views, and their estimated monthly earnings are between $73K and 1.2M.

14. Product reviews and unboxings

Unboxing videos, product comparisons, and reviews are extremely profitable on YouTube, with some of the biggest unboxing YouTube channels getting millions of views on each video. People are always curious to find out more about certain products, and YouTube is the perfect platform to show every detail of a product to consumers. 

Hope Scope's channel has over four million subscribers and features product hauls, reviews, and unboxings. Her videos have millions of views, and her estimated monthly earnings are between $7.3K and $124K.

15. Motivation and self-improvement

Motivational speeches, self-help tips, and personal development content do very well on YouTube. It’s one of the most universally consumed types of content that speaks to a large audience. Profitable self-improvement content is also a very wide niche that can include things like sharing your personal success stories, other people’s success stories, productivity tips, spirituality, and everything in between. 

Motivational YouTube channels like Ali Abdaal are doing very well on the platform. Ali has over five million subscribers, and most of his videos get at least 200K+ views.

Ali has even reported on his website that he makes $27,000 in passive income every week and reported total earnings over $4.5M in business income in 2021.

16. Automotive

People like to see nice things, and nice cars are not an exception. Automotive YouTube channels that share profitable car content such as car reviews, maintenance tips, and automotive news are doing super well on the platform. So, if you have interest in cars, or you’re curious to learn more about them, it could be a great niche for you. 

Cleetus McFarland has a YouTube channel dedicated to everything cars. His channel has over three million subscribers, and all of his videos have over a million views. His estimated monthly earnings are between $7.5K and $119K.

17. Photography and videography

Photography YouTube channels are doing quite well on the platform too. There is a huge interest in learning photography and videography, and YouTube is a great platform to teach people a skill. Profitable videography and photography content includes things like tutorials, gear and tech reviews, and creative tips on how to take better photos and videos. 

Peter McKinnon is an OG photography YouTuber with over five million subscribers on his channel and 200K+ views on his videos. His estimated monthly earnings are between $300 and $6K. 

18. Home improvement and gardening

DIY home projects, gardening tips, and renovation ideas are blooming on YouTube. The love for home improvement moved from TV to YouTube, and home improvement YouTube channels are attracting hundreds of thousands of views. If you’re into renovation or gardening, then definitely consider making YouTube videos about your passions. 

Garden Answer is a great example of finding success in creating profitable gardening content on YouTube. Her channel has 1.9 million subscribers, and each video gets 150K+ views. Her estimated monthly earnings from YouTube videos are $1.6K and $26K.  

19. Mental health and wellness

Mental health YouTube channels as well as wellness channels can have a huge earning potential on the platform. The rise in wellness industry that’s worth $5.6 trillion globally definitely reflects on YouTube, with profitable wellness content like mindfulness tips, and wellness routines racking up thousands of views. 

Therapy in a Nutshell is a YouTube channel created by a licenced therapist Emma McAdam, with over a million subscribers and thousands of views on her videos. Her estimated monthly earnings are between $6 and $10K. 

20. Sports and fitness

Are you a sports and fitness fan? Well, then, you’ll be glad to hear that it’s a very profitable niche on YouTube. Sports YouTube channels that share and discuss sports news are extremely popular, and they can gain a lot by reporting the most relevant stories. But that’s not all – workout routines and fitness challenges are profitable fitness content, so if you’re a personal trainer or have a passion for fitness, YouTube is the platform for you. 

Goal 90 is a YouTube channel dedicated to everything football-related, and they have over 300K subscribers and thousands of views on their videos. Their estimated monthly earnings from YouTube are between $600 and $7.2K. 

21. Science and technology

Last, but certainly not the least are science and technology niches. Science YouTube channels that feature science experiments and other type of educational content are very valuable and popular amongst all age groups. 

Science Max covers a huge array of science topics and experiments on his YouTube channel, which has over 300K subscribers and thousands of views per video. His estimated monthly earnings are between $200 and $4.5K. 

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