Origin stories: How Jourdan Guyton took control of her own destiny

Origin stories: How Jourdan Guyton took control of her own destiny
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In our series, Origin Stories, we’re sharing the raw, authentic narratives of driven individuals. In each episode, a Teachable creator will unveil the inspiring journey they’ve made to get to their present reality of a successful, full-time creator. Our hope is that each episode is a mirror reflecting your own aspirations, helping you see a part of yourself in every creator featured and recognizing that if they can do it, so can you. Watch our first episode with Nichole Quintana-Wolf.

After a decade of working in the entertainment industry, Jourdan Guyton needed a change. She was tired with the roles she was presented with and decided to take matters into her own hands. With that she and a friend created their own web series, which they sold to a major network in 2019.

But when production halted suddenly for the pandemic, Jourdan was at a loss. For the first time, she was collecting unemployment and didn’t know what was next.

It’s then when she dived into the world of online business and started helping others through the power of transformation. And what started out as an idea and a single person group coaching program became a six-figure business.

“I really believe I started my business to impact as many people as I can.”

Today, Jourdan has nearly 90,000 followers on Instagram, 16,000+ students, and is making content daily.

Watch the first episode of our new series, in which you’ll learn more about Nicole and her initial motivations for taking the big courageous leap into entrepreneurship. And get Jourdan’s full episode here.

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