Introducing a new coupons experience—just in time for sale season

Introducing a new coupons experience—just in time for sale season
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Our minds are always on the lives of Teachable creators, but never is it more center stage than during Creator Month. With our month-long editorial feature celebrating the knowledge and expertise of creators in full swing, it’s only fitting we announce a product update that came directly from creator feedback on school coupons: You can now offer discounts for all products within your Teachable school, including coaching and bundles.

Discounts done your way

When you decide to offer a discount or coupon on your products, you do it because you want to provide your customers with more value—and boost sales. But you also want to do it your way.

You may recall that up until now, we only provided two options for coupons on course products: “pricing plan-specific” and “all course.” Pricing plan coupons were created for a specific pricing plan on a specific course, while “all course” coupons applied to all pricing plans on all courses within a given school. This excluded two of our creators’ most popular product offerings: bundles and coaching.

But now, we’re giving you more control over how you discount your products. With our latest school coupon product update, you can now expand your coupon offerings to include bundles and coaching. In addition to offering individual coupons, creators can now create coupons that apply to all products or a specific type of product, such as all bundles or all courses.

Create a coupon from product type
Create a coupon from product type

To put it simply, you now have three options for offering coupons on your products:

  • A coupon for all products (including bundles and coaching!)
  • A coupon for product types (e.g. all courses, all coaching, all bundles)
  • Pricing plan-specific coupons

A complete—and clean—experience

What’s more, we’ve made the experience of creating a coupon cleaner and more simple to use. You’ll now have the flexibility to access all your coupons in one central location or at an individual product level. Your workflow, your way.

To create or edit your coupons:

Go to the Admin > New Site > Coupons

From there, you’ll see two tables.

  • “School coupons”: displays “all product” and “product type” coupons
  • “Product coupons”: select a product to display the pricing plan coupons for that product

We’ve even spiffed up the words we use: Where you saw “delete” and ”restore”, you’ll now just see “archived” to “unpublish” your coupon.

Archiving coupons
How to archive a coupon

However, it’s not just the ease of navigation that we cleaned up, we also added in the flexibility of reusable codes. Previously, once a coupon code was created, it couldn’t be used again for the same pricing plan—or at all, even after the code had been deleted.

No more. Now, you can reuse a coupon code after it’s been archived. This means you’re able to have total control over how you run your discount campaigns. To read more about setting up coupons, check out this Knowledge Base article.

Sale season and beyond

As we gear up for Black Friday (a.k.a. one of the busiest shopping seasons of the year), there’s no better time to begin to develop a strategy for driving sales with school coupons.

School coupon preview

Whether that’s through bundling some of your most popular courses together for a high-value product, granting exclusive access to your community, or adding a coupon code to your coaching services, there are a number of ways to deliver powerful content to your students and drive those sales.

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