TikTok money calculator: Estimate how much you can make as a creator

TikTok money calculator: Estimate how much you can make as a creator
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TikTok Money Calculator is a great way to calculate your potential earnings as an influencer and content creator. There are so many ways TikTok allows its creators to monetize their content, but the numbers can vary greatly.

So, if you’re new to working with brands and monetizing your content, using a tool like the TikTok Money Calculator can help you get a better sense of what’s the baseline for your earnings and how much more you need to grow to increase your earnings as well.

TikTok Money Calculator

Use our TikTok Money Calculator to find out your average engagement and earnings:

What is the TikTok Money Calculator?

TikTok Money Calculator is a tool designed to help creators calculate their estimated earnings from their TikTok account, based on their average engagement rate and the number of followers. It’s not an official TikTok software, and its goal is to provide creators with potential guidelines for making money with their accounts.

If you’re new to working with brands on sponsored posts, then using the TikTok Money Calculator can be extremely useful. It allows you to get a better grasp of the market and see how much you can make on this social media platform.

You can use the estimated earnings to help you set your rates for sponsored posts, and UGC content, and see how much of your services and products you can expect to sell.

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How does the TikTok Money Calculator work?

The way our calculator works is fairly simple. You can use your TikTok username or put the numbers in yourself to calculate the estimates. It analyzes your average engagement rate based on your follower count, the total number of videos you posted, and how many likes you have.

Then, based on your average engagement rate, the TikTok Money Calculator compares the data with other TikTok influencers who have a similar audience size to you and a similar engagement rate to see how much they earn.

Based on all of that information, the calculator can give you an estimate of how much you can expect to earn with your TikTok account.

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How accurate is the TikTok Money Calculator?

Our TikTok Money Calculator gives you an estimate of how much you can potentially make from the TikTok Creator Fund and the industry average for sponsored content.

It’s important to note that TikTok Money Calculator only gives you estimated earnings based on the number of your followers as well as your engagement rate.

How much money you can make with your TikTok account will depend on many factors that the TikTok Money Calculator can’t take into consideration like niche, country, and audience location, your personal brand. And these things can greatly impact your earnings.

As a content creator, your rates and sales numbers, as well as other monetization methods can vary greatly, depending on how you run your business:

  • Brand partnerships: as a TikTok influencer you can work directly with brands and produce sponsored posts for them, and you choose your rates yourself, which can be very different from other influencers in your niche and even similar to your size in the audience.
  • Selling a product or service: you might have an online course or a digital product you can promote and make sales through TikTok, which is also highly individual and depends on the connection you have with your audience and how well your sales funnel is set up.
  • Earnings from Live videos: you have a way to earn money during Lives when your audience sends you virtual gifts that you can later redeem for cash, which is also difficult to estimate because it can depend greatly on the relationship you have with your audience.
  • Earnings outside TikTok: the calculator doesn’t take into consideration videos on your other social media profiles and earnings that might come from them, it only focuses on TikTok exclusively.
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What factors are considered by the TikTok Money Calculator?

TikTok Money Calculator takes a few different factors into consideration when giving you an estimate of your earnings:

Follower count

The first metric is the follower count. The size of your audience is an important measure that determines how much you can expect to make from brand sponsorships.

Roughly, here’s how much you can expect to make depending on the size of your audience from a single sponsored post:

  • Nano influencers (<10,000 followers): $50-$300
  • Micro-influencers (10K-50K followers): $300–$1,250
  • Mid-tier influencers (50K-200K followers): $1,250–$3,500
  • Macro influencers (200K-1M followers): $3,500–$12,000
  • Celebrities (1M+ followers): $12,000+

The more TikTok fans you have and the bigger your audience, the more you can earn. However, follower count is not the only metric.

Audience engagement

The second metric we use to calculate your estimated potential earnings is your average engagement rate. It’s a very important metric that many brands pay attention to, sometimes even more than they do to the follower count.

The audience engagement consists of the number of likes your videos receive, as well as comments and video shares. Higher engagement means a more emotionally involved audience, which translates into more sales.

As you’re growing your TikTok account, you should spend a lot of time focusing on increasing your audience engagement as that will be the best way to increase your potential earnings. You can do that by creating high-quality videos and ensuring that they’re valuable to your target audience.

In the future, it might be that TikTok will also allow TikTok influencers to earn money from running ads on their videos, in a similar fashion to YouTube. YouTube has allowed the creators who create Shorts on their platform to earn money from the ads that play in between the Shorts.

It proved that it’s possible for creators to monetize their content this way. And we have seen that TikTok has been very fast to change and adapt and roll out more ways for the creators to monetize their content.

If they do follow in YouTube’s footsteps and allow creators to monetize the ads, the average engagement rate of their videos might become an even more important metric when calculating earnings.

Industry average rates

And lastly, the TikTok Money Calculator takes the industry average rates for sponsored content, product sales as well as the earnings from the Creator Fund to give you an estimate of your earnings.

This metric is very vague, because each influencer, their sponsored content rates, and sales, as well as how much they get paid from the Creator Fund can be very individual.

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What is the difference between the TikTok Money Calculator and other engagement calculators?

Well, TikTok Money Calculator gives you a more in-depth look into your potential earnings. You get an estimate of your earnings which then can allow you to set your rates and calculate how much sales you can expect to make at the current state of your account.

And, you might even use it to see how much you could potentially earn as your account grows as all TikTok users, not only influencers with huge audiences can use it.


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