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Tools and features: A look at what’s new at Teachable in 2023

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We’re constantly inspired by your stories, strategies, and successes. As you look to scale your business and your impact through courses, coaching, and downloadable content, we’re right there with you—building tools to help you better engage your students and maximize your earning potential. 

We’re working hard to roll out tools and features to tackle your evolving needs so you can create content, sell smarter, and deepen your impact on your audience. And while you can always find our exciting product news in your inboxes and helpful guides in our Knowledge Base, we want to use this space to share with you the latest news and launches in 2023.

What’s new at Teachable in 2023?


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More ways to create & sell

💡Digital downloads

Earlier this year we launched the simplest way to sell your knowledge: digital downloads. Whether you’re looking to start your business, diversify a revenue stream, or deepen your product offering for your students, our digital downloads feature gives you yet another option to create and earn.

Start small by testing the waters with your content. Digital downloads are a great way to gauge interest in content or grow an audience through a lead magnet. Or, level up existing content by offering digital downloads alongside your online course or coaching product. Our bundles, order bumps, and upsells features give you the flexibility to sell your products, your way.

What’s more, your power to earn is limitless with our feature that supports: ebooks, templates, downloads, how-to guides, newsletters, podcasts, spreadsheets, audio files, and so much more. You can create and sell one digital download on a Free plan, while those on a Basic or Pro plan have unlimited digital downloads.

digital downloads on Teachable digital downloads on Teachable
Create and sell digital downloads


Better, faster content creation

⚡AI-Driven Curriculum Generator

Our new Course Curriculum Generator tool leverages AI directly in the platform to help you build an initial course outline in seconds. Simply enter a topic and description of your course and the generator reveals a sample outline for that course. From here you can adopt and edit to fit your needs and expertise.

While we never believe AI can replace the knowledge and skill of a creator, we do believe leveraging a powerful tool like our Course Curriculum Generator can help jumpstart creativity, overcome roadblocks, and get you back to creating faster. What’s more, anyone on any Teachable plan, including our Free plan can access this powerful tool. See how to get started in the video below or log in from your Teachable admin area, check the “Help me generate a course outline box” when creating a new course product.

Since its release, roughly a third of all schools on Teachable have used the Course Curriculum Generator, amounting to roughly 130 curriculums a day on average.

ai curriculum

🛠️ Improved Course-Building Tools

Additionally, we made it better and easier for you to create and customize the course you want. Our redesigned Curriculum Editor, Lesson Editor, and Lesson Blocks give you to the easy-to-use tools you need to build the learning experience you want for your students. Our no-code platform makes for a headache-free creation experience.

Experience a new streamlined curriculum layout format so you can quickly build lessons and make bulk changes. Our new content-focused file upload process allows you to easily add all your content from videos to podcasts and downloadable resources faster. What’s more, in-line previews give you a better sense of what your students will see so you can ensure the best learning experience.

With this update, curriculum and lesson editing page load speeds are up to 95% faster, too. Log into your Teachable admin area and start editing or creating a new course to see these improvements in action.

Lesson editor in admin Lesson editor in admin
Curriculum builder improvements

Tools to maximize your earnings

🛒 Cart Abandonment

Never leave a sale behind with Cart Abandonment. As part of the latest addition to our industry-leading sales and commerce tools for creators, this tool allows you to access customer data and use it to re-engage customers who failed to complete checkout and purchase a product. but dropped off before completing checkout. With enhanced customization, data access, and built-in tooling, you have full flexibility at your fingertips to enable this feature in the way that works best for you—and your customers. 

Creators using the feature have boosted earnings by 14% on average—with some increasing their bottom line by more than 100%. 

Those on a Basic plan or above have access to our standard abandoned cart template. And, those who upgrade to Pro or Business can unlock a full customizable abandoned cart email, including:

  • Ability to edit email copy
  • Full access to performance metrics
  • Advanced abandoned cart data through Zapier

See how you can unlock this game-changing tool now in our Knowledge Base article.

🗣️ Creator Referrals

Our Creator Referrals program is a highly-requested feature that lets you leverage the power of your strong network by rewarding existing Teachable creators with a $25 credit each time you invite new creators who subscribe to Teachable—with new creators also receiving a $25 credit. You’ve worked hard to build your network—now earn from it. 

Access your unique referral link in the Settings > Earn Credit tab of your school’s admin. Learn more about this rewards program.

🌎 Tax-Inclusive Pricing

Set the price of a product with the tax already included, so that students—regardless of location and applicable taxes—see the same final sale price. Tax-inclusive pricing is a powerful way to boost conversions in the EU and other global markets. Plus, it’s just one of the many ways teachable:pay, our complete suite of monetization and ecommerce tools, helps you streamline your business.

Unlike many competitors, our goal is more than just getting you paid—though that’s a big part of it. We’re also giving you peace of mind and flexibility while saving you time. It’s time to sell confidently. Learn more about how to turn on tax-inclusive pricing in our Knowledge Base.

tax-inclusive and exclusive comparison tax-inclusive and exclusive comparison
Control how customers view your prices

Grow your tool kit

🔌Google Analytics 4 Integration

Get more powerful insights so you can stay informed and run your business on your terms. On July 1st, 2023, Google Analytics will stop processing data for Universal Analytics and replace it with the new Google Analytics 4. If you are currently using UA, you can migrate to GA4 through your Google Analytics account.

Ahead of this change, our Google Analytics 4 Integration offers a comprehensive upgrade from Universal Analytics that will give you the data you need to grow your business. To make this change, simply go to the Setting > Integrations area of your Teachable admin area. Learn more about setting up your Google Analytics integration.

AWeber & ActiveCampaign Integrations

We want you to work smarter, not harder. That’s why we’re continually looking for ways to make automation a breeze. Use AWeber to simplify your email marketing with automations, grow your list, and keep students engaged. Learn more about setting up your AWeber integration with Teachable.

This new integration allows creators to add their customers to mailing lists in AWeber based on various Teachable triggers, including:

  • New sign-ups
  • New sales
  • New enrollments, including manual enrollments by admins
  • Courses completed
  • Subscriptions canceled

But we know you don’t just have one tool in your kit. That’s why in addition to the other library of apps we integrated with, we’re offering an integration with ActiveCampaign. Here, you can connect your Teachable school directly to your ActiveCampaign account and manage both school-wide and course level events, like new sign-ups, sales, and more. Learn more about setting up and managing your ActiveCampaign integration.

🚨Coming Soon

Community, Memberships, AI-Driven Quiz Generator & Buy Now, Pay Later

Round out your course, coaching, and download offerings with the upcoming addition of Community. Set to launch in beta this month with a select group of creators, our new Community feature offers creators a valuable way to interact with students—responding to questions, participating in conversations, and receiving feedback directly. What’s more, students are able to connect, support, and learn from each other more effectively than ever before—and all in one place. The addition of community ensures creators can seamlessly facilitate a more holistic course experience for their students.

Additionally, our new Buy Now, Pay Later (BNPL) functionality is set to launch next month. Consider this another way you can control your student purchasing experience. According to experts, BNPL options could increase the likelihood of a sale by 20% to 30%. What’s more, BNPL has the potential to boost the average ticket size up to 50%. With BNPL, creators can increase their sales and make larger course purchases more accessible by getting paid upfront, while students make installment payments through Affirm or Afterpay. Together with Cart Abandonment and Creator Referrals, you have more options than ever before to get paid for doing what you love.

For creators who already have robust curriculums and are looking for a fast and easy way to enhance your students’ learning, we’re pleased to announce plans for an AI-driven Quiz Generator. The generator will use AI to spin up suggested quiz questions and answers you can use to test students’ knowledge on a given topic. More than anything, the new feature will help enhance learning and give you the ability to better customize your course experience. Lastly, we’re reducing your time spent combing through and reformatting existing content for course quizzes.

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Author: Caitlin Miller, Caitlin Miller is the Manager of Content Marketing Strategy at Teachable. In her spare time, she's often found listening to vinyl records, buying too many house plants, and enjoying a run on the streets of Brooklyn.