Top 8 reasons to use video marketing for your business

Top 8 reasons to use video marketing for your business
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When you run an online business, it’s a good idea to leverage multiple marketing channels at the same time. For example, you can run some PPC or pay-per-click ads, advertise on social media, and use SEO techniques to draw Google searchers to your landing page.

However, you should also start using video marketing for your business. Video marketing is incredibly beneficial and cost-effective compared to other marketing techniques. Today, let’s break down the benefits of using videos in your marketing campaigns.

Benefits of video in your marketing campaign

1. Greater likelihood of conversion

For starters, video marketing may lead to greater chances of conversion for every lead who watches the video or clicks on its call to action link. According to certain statistics, over 74% of users who watch online marketing videos for products or services make a purchase after watching the video.

That’s a phenomenal return on your marketing investment. A high conversion rate is important for any online business, regardless of industry, so leaning into video marketing could help you see more bang for your marketing buck than other advertising methods.

2. More website traffic

According to companies like Cisco, approximately 82% of all consumer internet traffic will be driven by online videos by the end of 2022. If you want your website to get a bite out of all that traffic, you must get into video marketing as soon as possible.

More traffic to your website means your target audience members are more exposed to your brand identity, marketing materials, and excellent landing page layout. All of that increases the likelihood of them making a purchase and converting into paying customers.

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Increase your conversion rate with video

3. Contributes to brand awareness

In addition to the above benefits, video marketing can lead to big improvements in brand awareness. This is especially important when your online business or startup is very new.

Building brand awareness is crucial for your target audience members to associate your brand with your niche or industry. As you add video marketing to your advertising channels, more people will see your brand, become aware of its existence, and think of you as the go-to choice for whatever products you make.

Plus, if your video marketing materials are well-made, they will stick in the minds of your consumers. This, in turn, contributes to a positive brand image you can leverage for years to come.

4. Improved SEO

Did you know that video marketing can also contribute to higher rankings in Google’s SERPs? Several case studies have shown that Google (and other search engines) favor web pages that have video content. These could be high-quality advertisements or educational videos, like tutorials on using your top products.

When you improve your SEO, your online store’s position for high-ranking keywords will be better than your competitors. Then, when customers search for keywords related to your products, your site will be more likely to show up above other results. Good SEO is a cornerstone for online marketing, and that’s unlikely to change anytime soon.

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SEO can improve with a video marketing strategy

5. Improved email marketing

Furthermore, video marketing can improve your email marketing strategy. Email marketing is already important since it allows you to reach out to past and current customers and ensure that they come back to make more purchases in the future. Email marketing can be used to advertise special offers, build long-term relationships with your consumers, and more.

If you incorporate video content into your emails, you make those emails more likely to be opened by your readers. Be sure to include the word “video” in the subject line of every email so that your followers know what’s included. Videos in your email marketing letters can be instructional videos, advertisements, and other helpful content.

6. Great for social media marketing

Like email marketing, video marketing is an excellent choice for bolstering your social media marketing efforts. SMM is important to connect with your target audience, improve your brand’s reputation and presence across the internet, and reach out to new customers simultaneously.

Pasting video content on your social media page is a great way to draw consumers to your sales pipeline and increase revenue. You can include the same call-to-action information on these videos as you do for other video ads, bringing more people to your store’s landing page.

You can also offer unique video content on social media platforms. For example, candid videos of students delivering testimonials or of your employees working in a warehouse or office can do a lot to humanize your brand and make it stand out from the competition.

person on social media video
Behind-the-scenes social media works

7. Detailed explanations for products and services

There’s no denying the effectiveness of video advertisements and other marketing products when explaining why your brand is the best. Say that you launch a new and secure cloud storage service for your users.

How will your potential customers know how great your offering is if they don’t even know what a cloud service is? The right video ad with engaging and attractive graphics can explain this and convert leads into paying customers by explaining the benefits in more detail than any static or image-based ad ever could.

This same principle holds if you create complex products or services.

8. It’s the trend

Perhaps more than anything else, you need to start video marketing for your brand because it’s the trend for online marketing in the future. No business survives by looking to the past. Instead, you should look to the future and make sure your company is set up for success by leveraging video marketing as much as possible, preferably in conjunction with other marketing channels.

As you can see, there are lots of reasons why you should start video marketing for your business ASAP. Video marketing is helpful to your other marketing efforts, great for boosting your conversion rate, and provides many ancillary benefits.

Get started with video marketing today, and you’ll likely see returns in as little as a few weeks.

Nahla Davies

Nahla Davies, Nahla Davies is a software developer and tech writer. Before devoting her work full time to technical writing, she managed—among other intriguing things—to serve as a lead programmer at an Inc. 5,000 experiential branding organization whose clients include Samsung, Time Warner, Netflix, and Sony.

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