Embracing creative authenticity: Whitney Freya’s formula for increased income and impact

Embracing creative authenticity: Whitney Freya’s formula for increased income and impact
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I​​n the vast landscape of online education, few stories are as compelling and transformative as that of Whitney Freya. A self-proclaimed "wannabe artist" turned influential creator, Whitney has carved a unique niche in the art world by intertwining the essence of personal growth with artistic expression. 

Her journey from door-to-door book sales to establishing a pioneering online platform is not just about teaching art—it's about fostering a life-art synthesis that empowers individuals to create the life of their dreams.

We recently interviewed Whitney to hear more about her journey and her top tips for growing creators. Plus, discover how her transition to online teaching via Teachable allowed her to expand her reach beyond physical borders, touching the lives of thousands globally with her innovative approach​​.

In this post, we’ll discuss…

  • How Whitney's early experiences and personal challenges shape her courses
  • Key obstacles Whitney faced in her transition to teaching online and how she overcame them
  • How Whitney uses Teachable to create transformations in her students
  • Practical advice from Whitney for other creators looking to make more income and impact 
  • What Whitney believes is coming next for creators and education business owners

How Whitney’s challenges shaped her courses

Whitney Freya wasn’t always the artist she is today. Initially, she was just someone who longed to create but felt sidelined by early discouragement. Like many of us, Whitney was harshly critiqued by an art teacher growing up. She never really saw herself as an artist until she read the book Zen and the Art of Making a Living, which profoundly shifted her perspective. 

The book's message, quoting Nietzsche, posited that "the proper task of life is art," suggesting that everyone has the potential to craft their life with the creativity of an artist. This message resonated with Whitney at a time when she was searching for direction, having been discouraged from pursuing art in her youth due to a negative early experience with an art teacher. Her realization that art and life are inseparable was pivotal. 

“The quickest way to having an overall holistically successful and abundant career is to absolutely be yourself first and foremost, be as authentic as possible” – Whitney Freya

Various early setbacks, coupled with the inspiration from her readings, led her to create a space where others could also explore their creative identities without judgment — which is why she founded the Creative Fitness Center. 

This center was a place to exercise the creative muscles that everyone possesses, proving that skill or technique was secondary to awakening the artist within.

Whitney's approach is fundamentally shaped by her belief that overcoming personal challenges through creativity allows individuals to see life's obstacles differently. 

This inclusive and holistic approach to art education, inspired by Whitney's early challenges and breakthroughs, ensures that her teachings are accessible, relatable, and profoundly impactful, making art a means of navigating and enhancing one's life journey.

Key obstacles Whitney faced in her transition to teaching online and how she overcame them

Transitioning to online teaching wasn’t a walk in the park for Whitney. 

Starting in 2009, she faced the significant challenge of moving her vibrant, hands-on art classes into the digital realm—a space that was quite primitive in terms of interactive online learning platforms at the time.

“It was just step-by-step photos back then; we didn’t even have video capabilities that were feasible for what we needed. It felt like we were building the plane while flying it.” – Whitney Freya

One of the main hurdles was the lack of direct interaction, which had been a cornerstone of her physical workshops. To overcome this, Whitney pioneered creative ways to engage her online students, ensuring her teachings remained interactive and personal. She introduced structured creative prompts and began using emerging tools to simulate a classroom experience as closely as possible.

Another challenge was the technical aspect of running an online platform. Whitney had to navigate various online tools and platforms before settling on Teachable, which provided the streamlined functionality she needed. She appreciated how Teachable handled much of the backend work, allowing her to focus more on her art and students.

“The opportunity to reach people globally, regardless of where they lived, was something I couldn’t pass up. Despite the challenges, the potential to share and grow was too compelling.” – Whitney Freya

By embracing these challenges and leveraging the right tools, Whitney successfully transformed her teaching approach to thrive in an online environment, proving that with creativity and resilience, barriers can turn into gateways for growth.

How Whitney uses Teachable to create transformations in her students

Using Teachable has changed the way that Whitney approaches teaching and engaging with her students. Teachable empowered Whitney to extend her reach globally while giving her everything she needed to connect and impact her students’ lives.

“I use Teachable as space for me. It's creating space. I love to create space. I love to create a structure within which people can experience things.” – Whitney Freya

Whitney utilizes Teachable’s versatile features to create a dynamic and interactive learning environment. Her courses are designed to engage students in a holistic journey of personal growth and creative expression. Her courses include video tutorials, live Q&A sessions, and community challenges that encourage active participation and personal exploration.

One of Whitney's core beliefs is that feedback and community support are pivotal in the learning process. Through Teachable, she has set up a system where students can submit their artwork and receive personalized feedback. 

Whitney harnesses the power of multimedia to enrich her teaching. Teachable’s ability to support various media types allows her to incorporate videos, podcasts, and downloadable resources seamlessly. This multimedia approach caters to different learning styles, ensuring that all students can engage with the material in ways that resonate most deeply with them.

Whitney continuously adapts her courses based on student feedback and emerging educational trends. Teachable’s analytics tools help her monitor course engagement and effectiveness, allowing her to refine her approach and content to better meet her students' needs.

“Teachable's been amazing and has grown along with me like I've seen a lot of the new offerings and it keeps coming and it's fabulous.” – Whitney Freya

Whitney’s practice advice for creators

Whitney encourages creators to dig deep into what truly excites them and share that passion openly. This genuine approach not only attracts attention but builds lasting connections with your audience.

Don’t just stick to one platform; spread your presence across the digital world. From Instagram stories to YouTube videos, your audience is everywhere. Whitney advises using every tool at your disposal to share your journey and engage with your community.

Stay curious and responsive. Pay attention to what resonates with your audience and what falls flat. This feedback is invaluable for refining your approach and staying relevant.

“Whatever is lighting you up about your business, you want to share from that place... if you’re not passionate about what you’re offering and sharing that energy, people don’t remember exactly the words you say, but they remember the feeling of watching you on their computer or their phone.” – Whitney Freya

Actionable steps for authentic creators:

  • Embrace your unique story: Dive into what genuinely excites you and share that enthusiasm without reservation.
  • Engage on all fronts: Utilize multiple platforms to share your work—Instagram, YouTube, blogs, and more. Each platform can help you reach different segments of your audience.
  • Learn, adapt, and grow: Continuously gather feedback, observe which efforts resonate with your audience, and adjust your strategies accordingly.
  • Consistency is key: Regularly update your content and stay engaged with your community. Consistency helps build trust and keeps your audience coming back.

What Whitney believes is coming next for creators and education business owners

Whitney Freya envisions a future where creativity transcends traditional boundaries and permeates every aspect of our lives. As we shift towards a more interconnected and digitally enhanced world, Whitney predicts that creators will play a pivotal role in shaping new ways of thinking, learning, and interacting. 

Here are her key predictions and insights for the future of creators and education business owners:

  • Integration of self-discovery and creativity: Whitney believes that the future of creation will increasingly involve a spiritual component, where creating becomes a holistic practice that impacts all areas of life.
  • Empowerment through online teaching: She emphasizes the role of digital platforms in democratizing education and allowing creators to reach a global audience, transforming how knowledge and creativity are shared.
  • Emphasis on authenticity: In a world saturated with content, Whitney predicts that authenticity will become the currency of trust and impact. Creators who share their true selves and are passionate about their offerings will forge deeper connections and have a more substantial impact.
  • Greater creative freedom: The future holds a promise of greater creative freedom where creators can seamlessly blend different mediums and disciplines. This cross-pollination of ideas will lead to richer, more diverse creative expressions.
  • Community and collaboration: Whitney foresees a stronger emphasis on community and collaborative efforts among creators. The collective energy of a community will not only enhance personal growth but also lead to significant societal transformations.
"The creativity and the artistry was taken away from us to give us an opportunity to be like, 'Oh, that's what the world is like without owning how powerfully creative we are.' And now we get to take it back." – Whitney Freya

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