10 travel must-haves for your next business trip

10 travel must-haves for your next business trip
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It’s likely that the content creator in your life is jetting around the country (or even the world) to either draw inspiration or share their wealth of knowledge with others. Either way, as a one-person-band who has to work while traveling, he or she is going to need an arsenal of items to get them from place to place (or, at the very least, make hopping on and off planes a whole lot easier and more comfortable).

We’ve rounded up 10 of our favorite travel items to keep in mind for yourself or the globetrotting creator in your life.

travel must-haves

Carry On Suitcase, $295 at July

“Safe to fly, a joy to carry” July luggage is having a moment that rivals Away’s early success from nearly a decade ago. And it’s all thanks to this signature carry-on suitcase, available in over a dozen bold colors, that comes with an ejectable battery, hidden stain-proof laundry bag, silent wheels, and a lifetime warranty (among other perks).

10 travel must-haves

Venom Go, $109 at Hyperice

Sitting on a plane for multiple hours is no bueno on the body. But with the Venom Go portable massager, you can bring your muscles some much-needed relief. Simply place the pod and pad in an area with aches or pains, select your preferred heat and vibration intensities, and then go about your day. It really is that easy and will help loosen you up before an important presentation or business meeting.

travel must-haves for creators

Catch:2 Essentials Dual-Device Charging Pad, $76.50 at Courant

If you’re someone who hates wires, but can’t travel without a bevy of electronic devices, look no further than this sleek and sophisticated dual-device charging pad from Courant. Manufactured in linen or leather, the inconspicuous design blends into any type of decor, meaning you can also enjoy it at home when not on the road.

travel must-have: camera

WPZ2 Action Camera, $179.99 at Kodak PixPro

Does anyone really need a waterproof, shockproof, and dustproof digital camera? For a content creator who is always on the go, the answer is a resounding yes. You never know where life will take you and what will be worth documenting on social media, so Kodak’s got you covered with this high-tech gadget that can capture moments in air, underwater, and through the mountains.

travel must-haves for online creators

Magnetic Capsule Containers, $76 at Cadence

Customizable, magnetic, and leakproof, these tiny travel cases can carry everything from medication and supplements to serums and shampoos. Best of all, they’re TSA compliant and provide the gift of organization, which you really can’t put a price on.

travel gift ideas

Hydrogel Face Mask Variety Pack, $30 at Loops

Aside from inducing the aforementioned aches and pains, planes can deprive your skin of much-needed hydration. That’s why it’s important to pack a face mask or two that you can literally apply to your face as you land. Available in five different varieties (brightening, detoxifying, nighttime, glowing, and rejuvenating), there’s an option for every type of dermis demand.

gifts for travelers

NEWVANGA International Travel Adapter, $12.99 at Amazon

Don’t be that person who has to beg the hotel lobby attendant to loan a converter. Instead, just keep this bad boy in your luggage at all times and you’ll have the comfort of knowing you can plug in your hair dryer in over 150 countries.

travel must-haves: journal

Personalized Travel Journal, $32.30 at Papier

Memorialize an important trip by taking the time to document the moments, people, and places that inspired you along the way. These also help to plan upcoming excursions with pages dedicated to wishlists, ideas, itineraries, packing guides, travel games, and an illustrative map so that everything is in one place and not multiple tabs on your web browser.

travel must-haves: Beats

Beats Studio Pro Wireless Headphones, $349.99

We highlighted these in our holiday gift guide, but they’re too good to not include again. Whether you’re editing a podcast or video, listening to music, or tuning out the distractions from crying babies and plane engines, noise-canceling wireless headphones are a travel necessity to achieve peak productivity. And let’s be honest, Beats happen to be just as stylish as they are useful with four color options and a sleek, modern design. Boasting a whopping 40 hours of listening time before the battery dies, the latest Studio Pro model was engineered to deliver rich, balanced sound that will blow any other audio device out of the water.

travel must-have bag

Bensen Toiletry Kit, $68 at State

Toiletry bags, begone. Hanging kits are all the rage in case your hotel has sacrificed much-needed bathroom counter space. State’s tri-compartment model is the embodiment of cute and trendy with nearly 20 unique style options and a snap-off, water-resistant pouch if you need to downsize while on your journey. Kits can also be personalized for an additional fee, making it the perfect gift for that hard-to-please shopper.

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