6 YouTube video ideas to promote your digital products

6 YouTube video ideas to promote your digital products
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If you have a YouTube channel as a part of your creative business, you might be looking for ways to use video content to help promote your new digital products. Putting together a promotional strategy for all of your products is a great idea—but you need to come up with unique ideas catered to each platform.

We’ve put together six YouTube video ideas—with examples—to help you promote your digital products with long-form video content. Keep these ideas in mind the next time you put your YouTube content calendar together.


Do an introduction video

Let’s start with something simple—a basic introduction video. This is a great idea if you release a similar product that gets updated each month, quarter, year, etc. You can simply put together a video sharing the details of your new digital product.

This YouTube video idea is simple, yet effective. Here’s an example of what this might look like—creator AmandaRachLee put together a video introducing her new digital planner for 2024 and how it works.

Try this idea out before moving on to some of the other more complex or comprehensive video examples.

Create a tutorial

Create a video that walks viewers through exactly how to do something using your digital product. You can include a link to purchase or download your digital product within your video description.

This helps to showcase how helpful your product can be in a process that your target viewer is trying to complete.

Here’s an example of this done well. Abbie Emmons is a self-published author who runs a creative business helping others to write and publish books as well. One of her recent videos is all about creating a character profile for each character in a book—of course, using the character profile sheet that she created and sells for an incredibly reasonable $5 on her website:


By creating a video tutorial that fully centers around using her digital product, she’s compelling her viewers to purchase it and use it for themselves once they see how helpful it can be. 

She’s also added the link to purchase the character profile sheet right at the very top of her video description, making it as accessible as possible to those who want to follow along with the video and fill it out themselves.

Participate in a challenge

Participate in a challenge—or build your own—and center it around your digital product. This works well for organizational, fitness, health, and other more motivational creative businesses. Gamification can be a powerful motivator, so framing the use of your digital product as a challenge can be a great way to increase purchases.

Let’s take a look at an example of this in action. Jules Acree is a digital entrepreneur whose business focuses on productivity and wellness. She created a Notion template pack called “Design Your Year,” then created a “Design Your Year Challenge” video series so participants can follow along with her.

Here’s an example of one of her videos, walking viewers through one of the “Design Your Year” steps:

Jules has gamified this further, though, by creating a free Notion hub for everyone to follow along with each step of the challenge and by entering everyone who participates into a giveaway.

The “Design Your Year” Notion pack sells on her website for just $33, making this an affordable and fun challenge to take part in. Consider if your digital product can be configured into a challenge as well, making it more fun and motivating for people to purchase and participate.

Host a Q&A

Hosting a Q&A is also a great way to introduce and promote your digital products. You can hold this on YouTube Live and take questions as they come in, you can post on social media to crowdsource questions, or you can pay attention to common questions you get in comments and put together a Q&A surrounding those.

Here’s a great example of a Q&A where creator Caroline Girvan teases a surprise at the end by writing, “This is my first Q&A! I hope you enjoy it... there is a little surprise at the end!” in the video description.

She’s broken up her video with each question and at the end, turns a question into a fun announcement, sharing that she’s creating a 10-week training schedule for her viewers.

Note that in this specific instance, the training is actually completely free and will simply be hosted on YouTube. However, you can still use this idea for a paid digital product or just rely on generating income via YouTube ads and other monetization tactics.


Create a listicle

Who doesn’t love a good listicle video? This is a seamless way to create engaging content while also doing a slight promotion of a digital product or two.

Here’s an example of this being done by Dr. Sarah Nicholls, a health and wellness creator. She created a video sharing 30 habits she’s made that have improved her life. In it, she mentions a free habit tracker that she uses as a lead magnet to build up her email list.

So while she gives away the aforementioned habit tracker, she’s also building her email list of potential future viewers and customers to help her generate more income later. But you can always use this to promote one of your paid digital products as a part of your own listicle video.

Share your own success

Finally, share a success story with your audience. And as part of that success story, promote one of your digital products by sharing how it contributed to your success.

Here’s an example of what this could look like from social media marketer Katie Steckly. Her video is all about her Instagram strategy and discusses how by using a strategy like the one she covers in the video (and she shares her exact content calendar), she had the biggest year of growth on Instagram.

While Katie actually focuses more on offering services, this is also a great way to share a digital product, like if she sold content calendar samples or templates.

Showcase how your own digital products have been a source of success for your own business. This is a great way to prove their value and make your viewers that much more interested in buying one for themselves.


Start promoting your digital products with YouTube

Want to make more sales? Finding the right promotional tactics is essential. And one great way to do that is by subtly using your YouTube channel for video marketing. Keep these six YouTube video ideas in mind so you can sell your own digital products.

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