Using social media platform analytics to grow your business

Using social media platform analytics to grow your business
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There are so many social media platforms out there that business owners can easily find themselves spread thin trying to use them all. But when choosing a social media platform to promote your course and share more information about you as a creator. Keep in mind that sometimes it’s better to choose one or two platforms to really focus on. That way, you can find success where you spend your energy and grow your business with the audience you find there.

Social media can be a growth driver for your business and can help you increase your visibility online. And choosing a platform and then using it to your advantage is an important part of a growth strategy. The analytics that those platforms offer are a key driver in your ability to track your metrics and mindfully post and grow. So let’s look at how to consider your options and choose one to focus on for growth.

What social media platforms are there to consider?

We’re going to focus on a few of the most popular social media platforms: Instagram, TikTok, LinkedIn, and Facebook. When choosing a social media platform there are multiple factors to consider like the typical user, whether it’s best for sharing photos, videos, or text, how frequently you can post, etc. But you should also focus on the analytics tools that each of these platforms can offer you.

What tools do social media offer for tracking growth?

There are built-in tools with each of these social media platforms to help you grow your business and your audience to convert them to students. When choosing a social media platform, you want to make sure the tools it offers are right for your goals.


When using a business or creator account on Instagram, you can access a whole host of metrics and analytics through Instagram Insights. These tools can give you key insights into who is interacting with your Instagram account. Then you can make sure you’re catering your content to that audience. This refocuses on your audience can help bring you even more students.

With Instagram you can see:

  • Follower age range
  • Follower country location
  • Number of accounts reached
  • Accounts engaged
  • Account activity
  • Reach
  • Etc.

These are just a few of the things you can find through using Insights on Instagram. Tracking these statistics on your account can help you measure the impact you’re having on Instagram and the growth your business and courses are seeing because of your social use.


Like Instagram, TikTok offers insights for its creators online. Navigate to these insights by heading to your profile, clicking the three dots, then clicking “creator tools” and “analytics.” You’ll have the option to see stats over one week, four weeks, or 60 days.

Here you’ll see statistics similar to those Instagram offers:

  • Follower growth
  • Views
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Comments

From this, you can see a host of tracking information that can help you grow your audience and your business. It can reveal which types of videos bring you the most views, likes, and shares. You can also figure out what posting schedule is most successful for you and how your follower growth has changed over time.



While it might seem like it’s only for business professionals, LinkedIn is a stellar option for growing your audience. Especially if those professionals are a core part of your audience. You can use LinkedIn headlines to establish your qualifications and credibility and gain followers. And, if you have a course that’s ideal for business professionals, you’ve found your core audience right there.

Analytics tools LinkedIn offers in Creator Mode:

  • Impressions
  • Engagements
  • Trend graph showing impressions and engagements over time
  • Article performance
  • Demographic data on job title, industry, location, company size

Knowing more about your connections and followers on LinkedIn can help you tailor your course because you can make content for those connections. And knowing whether they’re engaging with your posts in general, can help improve your strategy. So then you can do what you need to increase your audience and grow your business.


If you’re looking at Facebook when choosing a social media platform, you’ve got lots of online groups to jump into to try and grow your audience and business. On Facebook, you can find groups of all sorts of interests and communities. Plus, there are some useful insights you can get access to through the Creator Studio.

Those analytics include:

  • Overview of your pages
  • Performance
  • Audience
  • Audience age
  • Audience country
  • Audience interests

There are other insights available as well, but those are some of the most useful that you can use to build the number of students enrolled in your courses. And knowing more about your audience, and their other interests can help you target your course. Plus, you can find where your audience overlaps with others, so you can pursue partnerships and collaborations with other online creators.

Choosing a social media platform

The analytics above can surely help you decide which social media platforms to focus on when building your audience and student base. As a creator, you can learn so much about the people in your audience and the people who might be interested in taking your course.

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