31 best high ticket affiliate marketing programs to maximize earnings

31 best high ticket affiliate marketing programs to maximize earnings
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You have probably heard about affiliate marketing before, but do you know anything about high-ticket affiliate marketing? Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways content creators and online business owners can make passive income, but it can take time to see significant results.

That’s where high-paying affiliate opportunities come in handy. High-ticket affiliate marketing provides creators with opportunities to make more money with fewer sales. So, if you’re curious to learn more and find out the best high-ticket affiliate marketing programs, read on.


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What is high-ticket affiliate marketing?

High-ticket affiliate marketing is the promotion of affiliate products or services that offer high commission rates or payouts. The high-ticket items can be anything from software, to a mattress, so affiliate marketers in many niches can find the right product to promote.

Most often, these high-ticket items are expensive products, and the payouts start at $100 and can go up to thousands of dollars. Some high-ticket affiliate marketing programs might even offer a recurring monthly commission.

One of the disadvantages of traditional affiliate marketing is that it often has low commission rates, which requires affiliate marketers to sell many products to earn a significant amount of money. Now, with high-ticket affiliate marketing, you can make more money by selling fewer products or services.

To find these high-ticket affiliate programs, you can join affiliate networks like ShareASale, or work with companies directly. One caveat is that high-ticket programs are a bit more selective than traditional affiliate programs, so you might need to have a larger social media audience, higher traffic to your website, or a larger email list to join.

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Can you really make money with high-ticket affiliate marketing?

Absolutely! You can definitely make money online with high-ticket affiliate marketing, it is one of the most lucrative ways to earn passive income. According to the employment marketplace ZipRecruiter, high-ticket affiliate marketers earn on average $46,666 per year.

If you want to have multiple streams of income, then it’s worth looking into high-ticket affiliate marketing. The more work and effort you’ll put into it at the start, the higher the payoff will be. Some affiliate marketers like Ryan Rob make up to $30,000 per month with affiliate marketing alone.

Best high-ticket affiliate marketing programs

Let’s look at some of the best high-ticket affiliate marketing programs with high commission rates and payouts in various niches.

1. Teachable

Commission rate: up to 30%.

Teachable is a platform that allows content creators to create online courses, sell digital products, and so much more. With so many people turning to online education to learn new skills, there has never been a better time to create online courses.

With up to 30% commission and a 30-day cookie window, it is one of the best high-ticket affiliate marketing programs you can join. Many content creators use Teachable, like Pat Flyyn, which is a great selling point to help you entice people to use your affiliate link to sign up.

2. Smartproxy

Commission rate: up to 50%, or earn up to $2500 for every new customer

Smartproxy is a company that offers various products to businesses that need web data for market research, web and social media, and more. They have a massive list of services they offer that are useful for many businesses worldwide, and they have one of the highest-paying affiliate programs.

3. BigCommerce

Commission rate: earn 200% of the customer’s first monthly payment or $1,500 per enterprise customer.

BigCommerce is an e-commerce platform solution for B2B businesses who want to build and manage e-commerce businesses. They offer online webshop building, management, and growth tools, which makes it a lucrative product for the right audience.

4. Teamwork

Commission rate: earn up to $1,000 per new customer

Teamwork is a project management and productivity tool that helps businesses be more efficient with how they manage their workload and projects. It’s a handy tool for many people – from freelancers to startup founders and they have a great referral program.

5. Flywheel

Commission rate: up to $500 for every new referral

Flywheel is a company that offers managed WordPress hosting, WooCommerce website setup for e-commerce businesses, and various other WordPress-related services for businesses.

6. Shutterstock

Commission rate: up to $300 per new customer purchase.

Shutterstock is one of the biggest marketplaces in the world for stock photography, vectors, music, and video. They have a massive library of content and their commission per sale is very high.

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7. HubSpot

Commission rate: up to 30% recurring commission for up to one year.

HubSpot is a software company that offers many different tools for entrepreneurs and marketers to help them manage marketing, sales, operations, and much more.

8. Sucuri

Commission rate: $100 for a new Agency plan sign-up, or up to 25% commission

Sucuri is another software company that offers cloud-based website security products for B2B businesses. Their services and products range from website firewalls to website performance improvement. You can earn a commission with them in a few different ways.

9. ADT

Commission rate: $200 Visa Reward Card that is valid for up to 6 months and can be used anywhere Visa debit cards are accepted

ADT is a home security provider for personal homes as well as small businesses. It’s a modern home security system that makes securing your home accessible and easy for everyone.

10. DreamHost

Commission rate: up to $200 per referral

DreamHost is a WordPress hosting company that offers many different website-related services and products. You can host a WordPress website, build e-commerce websites with WooCommerce, buy domains, and much more.

11. Shopify

Commission rate: $150 per referral.

Shopify is one of the biggest e-commerce solution providers in the world and Shopify affiliate program is just as lucrative as their products. Their earnings vary depending on the country, and the plan the referred person signs up for.

12. Kinsta

Commission rate: up to $500 per referral or up to %10 recurring commission.

Kinsta is a WordPress hosting company that provides a variety of services, including hosting, website migration, and WooCommerce integrations for small and big businesses.

The Kinsta affiliate program is a popular high-ticket program because they have different ways to earn a commission, and they offer recurring commission which is great for long-term earnings with their low churn rate.

13. Cloudways

Commission rate: up to $150/sale or 7% recurring commissions + $30 bounty

Website hosting is one of the top trending products when it comes to traditional and high-ticket affiliate marketing. Cloudways is another website hosting company that offers business solutions for individuals, small businesses, and agencies. They call their affiliate program “the industry’s best affiliate program” and have two different models:

  • Slab: one-off commission
  • Hybrid: a bounty + recurring commission

14. Luxury Card

Commission rate: $405 per new sign up

Luxury Card is a credit card with tons of luxurious benefits like air miles, airport lounge access, a 24/7 concierge service, room upgrades, spa treatments, and much more.

15. Villiers Jets

Commission rate: 30% recurring commission

Another luxury service that has a great high-ticket affiliate program is Villiers Jets. It’s a private jet rental service with over 10,000 private jets and thousands of locations worldwide. With the cost per one-hour flight starting at $2,000, the 30% commission can quickly add up to a significant amount.

16. Oceanscape Yachts

Commission rate: 10% commission (which can translate to up to $1,200 per sale)

On the other side of the luxury spectrum, Oceanscape offers luxury private yacht rentals for people who want to travel via water in style. With hundreds of destinations to choose from worldwide and dozens of yachts, it can be a very lucrative offer to the right audience.

17. ClickFunnels

Commission rate: 30% recurring commission

ClickFunnels is one of the most popular marketing tools out there, created to help marketers, content creators, and entrepreneurs to build effective landing pages to capture leads, amongst other things.

18. Dream Cloud

Commission rate: $150 per sale

Whether it surprises you or not, mattresses are high-ticket affiliate products. Good quality mattresses cost up to a few thousand dollars, and Dream Cloud has an affiliate program that lets you make money by recommending their quality mattresses.

19. WP Engine

Commission rate: up to $200 per referral

WP Engine is a website hosting company that offers WordPress and WooCommerce hosting to individuals and businesses as well as a plethora of other various website management services and products. What’s amazing about WP Engine is that they even have a 180-day conversion window (or cookie window) which means that a sale with your affiliate link counts for that length of time.

20. Liquid Web

Commission rate: $150+ per sale

Another great website hosting company that has a generous high-ticket affiliate marketing program is Liquid Web. They have been around since 1997 and have an amazing customer service team as well as shining customer reviews. They offer a huge variety of website-related services and products.

You can earn a commission with them in two ways:

  • Affiliate: you earn a flat fee for every sale made with your affiliate link
  • Refer a friend: you are a flat fee of $100 for every person you refer to the company
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21. Authority Hacker

Commission rate: up to $1,979 per sale

One of the best high-ticket affiliate programs is often run by individual entrepreneurs who sell high-ticket online courses and programs. One of those is Authority Hacker, who offers a hefty commission for selling their products.

22. Capitalist Exploits

Commission rate: 50% commission

Capitalist Exploits is a newsletter run by a group of seasoned investors that has many useful tips and tricks on building wealth and managing your finances. They have the free version and the paid version which is almost $2,000 per year. It’s worth the investment because subscribers get not only newsletters, but also exclusive blog posts, and reports.

23. Plus500

Commission rate: between $200 and $800 per Qualified Trader

Plus500 is an online broker that allows people to buy and sell shares, and they specialize in trading CFDs (Contract for Difference). What’s great is that they are not only available in the United States, but in other 50 countries worldwide, which gives you an opportunity to promote to a wider network.

24. Embroker

Commission rate: $250 per lead

Embroker is a business insurance company. They cover all sorts of industries, from law to tech companies, and offer a wide array of services for those businesses.

25. Frontpoint Home Security

Commission rate: $125 per lead

Frontpoint Home Security is a company that makes installing home security easy and accessible. They have a huge selection of plans and products, and they are super customizable to fit the individual needs of different homeowners.

26. Amazing Selling Machine

Commission rate: between 25% and 50% commission

Amazing Selling Machine is another online training that offers great affiliate marketing payouts. It’s one of the most popular sales courses about selling on Amazon, and it is a lucrative affiliate product to promote.

27. MemberMouse

Commission rate: 25% recurring commission for up to one year

MemberMouse is a WordPress plug-in that allows website owners to integrate memberships into their sites. It is a subscription-based product with various different monthly and annual plans at different prices.

27. Semrush

Commission rate: $200 per sale

Semrush is one of the best search engine optimization tools for marketers. Even businesses in Fortune 500 companies use this tool to optimize their blog posts, and the company has over 6 million users in total.

28. Bob’s Watches

Commission rate: 5% commission

Jewelry can be a high-ticket affiliate product. Bob’s Watches is a marketplace for used luxury men’s watches, with a focus on the Rolex brand. The average order for their customers is around $8,000, which means that the affiliate earnings have very high potential.

29. James Allen

Commission rate: 5% commission

James Allen is a jewelry company that specializes in selling fine jewelry, engagement, and wedding rings. Their average order value is $6,500, which makes it the perfect high-ticket affiliate product if you market it to the right audience.

30. Puffy Mattresses

Commission rate: 20% commission on mattresses

Puffy Mattresses is another quality mattress company that sells mattresses and other sleep-related products. It’s a perfect affiliate program for marketers in the lifestyle niche as the commission can go up to $300+ per sale.

31. The Six-Figure Mentors

Commission rate: up to $200 per sale or $20/month per active subscription

Lastly, The Six Figure Mentors is another online training program that offers a very generous affiliate commission for recommending and promoting their program. They have courses and membership programs, and each gives you an opportunity to earn different commissions.

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